‘America’s Got Talent’ Auditions Are Shockingly Already Open for Season 17

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America’s Got Talent Season 16 just premiered on Tuesday night, and the show is already opening up auditions for next year’s season. So if you’ve been inspired to try out, now is the time to prepare.

Commenters on social media pointed out how early this is for AGT to open auditions. At the moment, only video auditions are available, although you can sign up for audition alerts to learn about other methods.

‘AGT’ Auditions Open for Season 17

AGT announced on social media that auditions are open for Season 17, and hopefuls can sign up on the audition website. According to the site, the show will also be going on the road this fall to audition talent, so you can sign up for alerts to find out upcoming dates.

For now, however, you’re free to share a video audition. You’ll need to create a new account on the website, whether or not you’ve auditioned in the past. You’re encouraged to follow local COVID-19 guidelines when recording your video. If you’re under 18, you’ll need a parent or guardian to submit the audition on your behalf.

Other tips from the show include shooting your audition in a well-lit area, avoid using auto-tune apps, and keep it to around two minutes. Make sure you also check out the eligibility requirements before signing up. According to the FAQs, you’ll be contacted by a producer by spring 2022 if you’re selected.


Auditions Are Starting Early This Year

After AGT announced that auditions were open on Instagram, fans commented on how early this was. “Already?” is a comment that showed up a few times. That’s because auditions haven’t been open this early in recent seasons. Last year, auditions first opened in mid-July.

The show didn’t give a reason for starting the process so early, but it’s definitely exciting for hopefuls who can’t wait to get their talents seen by the show. As the season goes on, it’s likely to inspire even more performers to submit videos of their own.

If you’d like to keep up to date with future audition news, you can follow AGT Auditions on Twitter and Instagram.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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