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‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Thinks the Show Made Him Seem Boring

Noah Thompson on the American Idol stagePhoto by Eric McCandless/ABC

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American Idol Season 20 winner Noah Thompson joined Taste of Country on Thursday for an Instagram live interview. During the Q&A, he shared his belief that the show made it seem like he was more boring than he actually is.

Noah Thompson Says American Idol Made Him Seem Boring

When asked if there’s a side of his personality that fans haven’t seen, Noah responded, “They didn’t show a lot of my personality on the show, I don’t believe. I’m fun to be around. I’m a good guy. I like to have a good time.”

He added that he’s “not boring like I seemed on the show” and said he’s “a pretty funny guy, I think.” However, the 20-year-old stopped short at admitting he tells dad jokes, saying, “I’m a young dad, so I haven’t gotten to that point in my life yet.”

Noah has a 14-month-old son named Walker. He said he’s been “going back and forth from Nashville” and looks forward to coming home to Kentucky to “be with my boy and my family.” The singer shared that his family plays his single “One Day Tonight” for Walker when he’s gone, and he knows it’s his dad singing.

On Friday, the singer is releasing a cover of Rihanna’s “Stay,” which he performed on the show. He also teased that he’s been in the studio working on new music. Unfortunately, he didn’t reveal many more details about what fans can expect other than “good songs.”


Is Noah Newly Single?

Although Noah talked about his son Walker in the new interview, he didn’t mention his girlfriend Angel Dixon, who is Walker’s mother. Recently, fans have speculated that the couple might have broken up.

According to Heavy, fans recently noticed that the couple had unfollowed each other on social media and Noah had removed photos of Angel from his Instagram. Angel also recently posted an album of photos with Walker on Facebook and none of them included Noah. The comments on the post seemed to point to relationship troubles.

Heavy reports that one person commented, “No respect for you. Right now he isn’t my idol.” Another reportedly wrote, “there will come a day that he will regret.” However, those comments seem to have been deleted.

Earlier this month Noah told Music Mayhem Magazine that he and Angel initially “had a hard time” adjusting to life post-Idol. He added “But it’s for the better and we both know that. It’s all moving in a positive way and that’s all that matters.”

Alongside the breakup rumors, fans are convinced that Noah and HunterGirl have feelings for each other. While we would love to see yet another American Idol couple, both singers have denied the rumors.

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