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‘American Idol’ Runner Up Clark Beckham Reveals Honest Opinion About Comeback Twist

Samantha Agate

Samantha Agate

Clark Beckham was the runner-up on Season 14 of American Idol in 2015. Now, he’s finding a career in critiquing the current contestants over on his YouTube channel and did not hesitate to give his honest opinions about the latest American Idol twist, The Comeback.

Clark Beckham Critiques ‘American Idol’ Comeback Twist

There has been a ton of buzz on social media about whether or not The Comeback is fair. The producers allowed ten Season 18 contestants to come back and perform in the chance to earn a spot in Season 19’s Top 10.

“Yes they do have a fanbase from last year but you can say its the same fanbase that have become fans of these new contestants as well,” Clark said about the returning contestants.


But he did think when the twist was first announced that there was already a major frontrunner.

“If someone has a ridiculous advantage it’s going to be the runner up of last year Arthur Gunn,” he continued. “He got second place. Not only does he have a massive advantage over all of the comeback contestants, he’s got a pretty big advantage over all of the contestants you can argue for this season.”

Clark thinks this season is Arthur’s to lose. He also brought up a really good point about mentor Bobby Bones. Clark thinks that eventually, Bones will take over Ryan Seacrest’s job should he ever choose to leave the show.

Viewers Were Surprised With a Visit From a Fan-Favorite Season 19 Contestant

But perhaps the greatest part of this video is a special surprise appearance from Season 19 contestant Graham DeFranco.

“Honestly Graham didn’t really have any business being on the show anyway, I’m surprised he got to Hollywood week,” Clark joked before Graham popped his head out from behind the sofa.

Graham proceeded to critique one of Clark’s past American Idol performances to give him a taste of his own medicine.

“Everything was great except his vocals. Clark, I’m getting real sick of these reviews I know you think it’s good for your YouTube channel but you act like you know us and you really don’t,” Graham confessed.

One thing we learned about Graham on the show before his elimination is that he is a big jokester. This video was done all in good fun.

“Graham is EVERYWHERE. First, he’s in the background when they show Hunter’s family, then he’s in Makayla & Olivia’s Instagram live, & now he’s on Clark’s review video. what’s next?! GRAHAM IS SO FUNNY,” one person commented on the video.

Who Does Clark Beckham Think Will Win the ‘American Idol’ Comeback?

While he may have initially predicted that Arthur would receive the most votes in The Comeback, one performance really stuck out to him at the end of the night. He raved about Louis Knight who sang his original song “Maybe That” and was the last performer of the episode.

“If there’s going to be one person that takes out Arthur and makes it into the Top 10, it’s going to be Louis,” Clark admitted. “In the beginning, I thought there was no chance for anybody except Arthur but after this performance, especially for him being last, he’s got the best shot and I think the producers really wanted him to get it.”

In our weekly recap show, we also discuss which contestants stood out in The Comeback along with an exclusive interview with contestant Hunter Metts.


Tune in when American Idol returns on May 2 to see which Season 18 contestant earns their way back into the competition based on America’s votes.

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