‘AGT’s Peter Antoniou Says Jimmie Herrod is “The Real Deal” in Touching Good-Bye

Corey Cesare
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Jimmie Herrod and Peter AnoniouTrae Patton/NBC

Last night on the America’s Got Talent results show, it was announced that America’s psychic comedian, Peter Antoniou, would not be moving on to the finals. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad to see him go. He left the show sharing kind words about his competitor, Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer, Jimmie Herrod.

Peter posted on Twitter sharing how thankful he is for how far he made it on AGT. But, before signing off for the night, he decided to share some major insight on Jimmie. Peter had so many great things to say about Jimmie. He even shared that he hopes his fans are cheering for him in the finals.

Jimmie was almost in Peter’s shoes just last week. He was put up for the instant save against Michael Winslow and World Taekwondo Demonstration Team. In a competition as tough as America’s Got Talent, it’s great to see that the contestants are able to make friends along the way.

What’s Next For Peter Antoniou After ‘America’s Got Talent’?

In every season of America’s Got Talent, I always feel like there’s one contestant that I really want to win, but I know probably won’t. Last season, I absolutely loved Brett Loudermilk and his sword swallowing/Sofia Vergara comedy act. Peter holds the same soft spot in my heart as Loudermilk did last season. Although he didn’t win the show, I’m sure he still has a grand career in his future.

If I had to guess, America voted Peter out of the competition because he messed up part of his act. He was supposed to read three minds, but was only successful in reading two. I’m sad to see him go, but it seems like he is currently in good spirits.

After the live results show, he shared that he does not currently have future performances planned. But he’s happy that he now has a support system online.

Even though he didn’t make it to the finals, there’s still the possibility of him joining a future show in Las Vegas. He could do it with an AGT crew in the same way that Duo Transcend and Deadly Games have. I would absolutely love to see America’s Got Talent‘s psychic comedian on a stage again, so I hope he is given this opportunity in the future.

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