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‘AGT’ Star Madilyn Bailey Shines in Angelic Piano Ballad Rendition of “Barbie Girl”

Madilyn Bailey on the 'America's Got Talent' red carpetPhoto by Amy Sussman/WireImage

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America’s Got Talent singer Madilyn Bailey is not letting herself get left behind in the Barbie trend. She recently shared a unique piano ballad cover “Barbie Girl” by Aqua, impressing fans with her ethereal voice.

Madilyn Bailey Records “Barbie Girl” Cover

Wearing a pink heart-shaped top and a matching satin skirt, Bailey put her own spin to Aqua’s famous track. The singer shines as she effortlessly belts out the song in jive with its slow piano tunes.

“With the massive success of the hit Barbie Movie in theaters I thought it was the perfect time to try my take at a classic,” she wrote.

Produced by Joel Maduke and taped by Jimmy Benrud, her rendition serves as one of the song’s exceptional covers. Opposite the original version that’s jubilant and upbeat, Bailey’s almost seemed like a lullaby. Nonetheless, her ballad cover remains amazing. 

Bailey’s “Barbie Girl” cover follows the release of her brand-new single “Serious.” According to the singer, she was supposed to release the said original song in 2020, but decided that it was “not the vibe” yet. Written while she’s in a castle in France, Bailey said that it was her favorite track off the record.


Fans are Loving Her Piano Ballad Version

Upon listening to Bailey’s cover, fans went to the comment section to praise her vocals. Several of her supporters particularly called her voice “angelic.”

“This Barbie girl looks stunning and has such an angelic voice,” one person wrote.

Meanwhile, one person expressed how impressed they are with how Bailey managed to completely transform the original version. 

“What a complete conversion. Never expected this to sound this good coming from its source material. Now this is a cover, respecting the original but doing something completely different with it,” one user wrote.

Aside from her music career, Bailey is also busy with the looming arrival of her baby. The AGT singer has most recently had a sex reveal, happily knowing that they’ll be waiting for a baby girl in the next months.

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