‘AGT’ Host Terry Crews Creates Cryptocurrency To Get Closer To Fans

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Terry Crews has conquered all areas of the entertainment world for years. From playing in the NFL to acting in films and hosting ‘AGT,’ the 52-year-old wears many hats. Now, Terry has just announced that he is launching a new social currency called $POWER. Get the scoop on this new concept down below.

Terry Crews Creates His Own Cryptocurrency Called $POWER

Terry is working with Roll, a startup that allows people to create their own social currency. According to their website, Roll “allows issuers to own, control and monetize the value of their social interactions across all platforms. Roll accomplishes this by creating a unique blockchain-based currency for each issuer as ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.”

If you are still confused, do not worry. This concept is still in its early stages so it definitely takes some learning and getting used to. “Anyone, anywhere, anytime can create their own content,” Roll founder and CEO Bradley Miles told TechCrunch. “We refer to this as mass personalization of content. Right now, Roll is experiencing the same thing with money itself. Anyone, anywhere, anytime can create their own money.”


This whole blockchain concept will allow Terry to connect with his fans on a whole new level. In his interview with TechCrunch, Terry explained how fans can earn $POWER. People will be able to earn the currency through “blockchain art purchases, NFTs, physical goods and experiences.”

“If I give you $POWER, you own a piece of me,” he said. “There’s no other way to put it. And I want to be very careful about who is holding me, no puns intended.” It sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it?

What Made Terry Decide To Create His Own Cryptocurrency?

Terry was inspired by an experience in his own personal life to create a cryptocurrency. During a shopping trip in Milan, Italy, Terry did not have enough money on him to buy designer furniture. This led him to go to the bank where a representative from American Express attempted to help explain the situation to the bank manager. The manager looked at Terry and immediately told him “no.”

“And I’m watching all these white men and women pass me in line, and they’re looking at me strangely,” he said. “I’d been standing there for 15 minutes and it slowly dawns on me that because I’m Black, I was not going to get my money. That was the moment I knew everything had to change for me.”

Terry has gone through several hardships and major milestones in his life. You can learn more about the life of the ‘AGT’ host in the What’s Hot Video below.


“Bringing it up still makes me angry,” he said. “What I love about this new world of finance is that cryptocurrency does not know what race you are, how old you are. With his cryptocurrency $POWER, nobody will be able to act as gatekeepers and tell people “no.”


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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