WATCH ‘AGT’ Judges Simon Cowell And Howie Mandel Try Terry Crews’ Pec Dance With Kelly Clarkson

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The America’s Got Talent judges along with host Terry Crews joined Kelly Clarkson for a remote segment of the Kelly Clarkson Show. And Howie Mandell forgot to wear a shirt. He claimed that he wasn’t ready to be on camera, but what happened next will have you laughing hysterically. Check out what the judges including Simon Cowell discovered while trying to do Terry’s famous dance.

Simon Cowell And Howie Mandel Tried To Do Terry Crews’ Popular Dance

Howie hilariously sat super close to the camera as he explained that he wanted to be just like Terry who is famous for having enormous pecs. Howie has definitely been practicing the infamous pec dance which led tot he revelation that Simon can also do it now too. If you don’t know what the pec dance is, here is a video with an in-depth tutorial from none other than Terry himself.

Simon left his shirt on as he proceeded to show off his new hidden talent that had everyone else on the Zoom call in awe. We have literally never seen this side of Simon before but it definitely seems like he has been practicing the pec dance a lot in the mirror. “I mean it’s not as good as you, Terry but I’m getting there,” Simon said.


Howie Had A New Take On The Infamous Pec Dance

Leave it to Howie, a man who has had a comedy career for over 20 years to make everyone laugh like never before. He declared that he has been practicing the pec dance quite a bit. Howie then moved farther away from the camera to reveal strings taped to his nipples. He pulled the strings to make his pecs move in a segment we can surely say has never happened before on The Kelly Clarkson Show. He told Kelly that she can edit out the strings so that he looks more talented. If this was an act on America’s Got Talent, we’d definitely have to give Howie a big red X.


Simon compared Howie’s attempt at the pec dance to when a horrible act is on the America’s Got Talent stage and you just want to get rid of them. “Are you giving me the red buzzer?” Howie asked. “Yes, millions of them” Simon responded. We definitely think Simon is the better pec dancer out of the two but honestly, nobody compares to the king of pec dancing, Terry. Unfortunately, Terry did not remove his shirt and join in on all the fun but that’s ok especially after he ditched his shirt on a recent episode of America’s Got Talent.

Who do you think was the best at pec dancing? Also shoutout to Kelly and Simon for having a cute American Idol reunion. Kelly is definitely the ultimate ‘Idol’ winner and Simon has always been a fan of hers since she appeared on season one of the show.


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