AGT’s Terry Crews Takes On PornHub And Pornstar Jenna Jameson Backs Him Up

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America’s Got Talent host Terry Crews raised eyebrows yet again with a tweet that got Twitter talking even more about his controversial views. “DEFUND PORNHUB, the tweet said in all caps as he tagged Fight The New Drug. The organization is dedicated to raising awareness of the harmful effects of porn & exploitation. Defund is a controversial word because it has been used to protest police brutality and ‘defund the police movement’. He is using the word to provoke discussion and use the attention on it towards another topic close to his heart.

Terry Crews Speaks Out About Porn Hub

Ever since Terry Crews confessed to his wife about his addiction to pornography, he has spoken openly online about its dangers.

Previously Terry has said that “I notice that people are using porn as a way to get through this, what is porn? What is it about? It’s when you are basically using an image or images of other people, human beings and treating them like your personal objects.”

Crews appeared on the Dr. Phil show to elaborate on his years of addiction to pornography and how it nearly ended his marriage and when the quarantine hit, Terry took to his Instagram live to share his disapproval for porn and cautioned young people against it.

However twisted you think the world is, it gets better because veteran porn star Jenna Jameson supports his ideology and wants to take the conversation forward. this is not the first time Jenna has vocalized her displeasure at the industry and has quite often taken to Twitter to talk about child trafficking and exploitation that happens in the pron industry.


Fight The New Drug is an organization that breaks down the science and details personal accounts of how porn impacts the brain, the heart, and the world and the organization that Terry supports as well.


Like everything else, his Tweet was met with a polarized reaction from everyone on Social Media with one user Tweeting, “Dude, no. Masturbation is healthy, self love is healthy. PornHub gives safe platforms to sex workers–to say nothing of the artists who got kicked off Tumblr–and generates revenue for them. Are there issues with the industry? Absolutely. Is going after PornHub the answer? No.”

What do you think? Is porn a healthy outlet or are you against it like Terry Crews and Jenna Jameson are, let us know in the comments down below. Terry Crews hosts America’s Got Talent tonight on NBC.

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