‘AGT Champions’ Round 3: V. Unbeatable Makes Their Triumphant Return!

Jill O'Rourke
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V Unbeatable earn the Golden Buzzer on "AGT Champions"Youtube

AGT: The Champions Season 2 continued on Monday night, as the third week of preliminary performances kicked off. Judge Simon Cowell was underwhelmed by several of the acts on tonight’s show. However, the return of dance group V. Unbeatable definitely improved the mood.

This year, ten acts will compete in each preliminary round. Three of them will move on to the semifinals, while one Golden Buzzer act will be sent straight through to the finals. Check out the third week’s performances below.


Watch ‘AGT Champions’ Round 3 Acts

Alexa Lauenburger

This 11-year-old dog trainer won Germany’s Got Talent 2017, and wants to prove that she and her dogs are “the ultimate champions.” She spoke to to Heidi Klum in German before her performance, which featured dogs leaping through hoops and jumping over each other. Howie Mandel said she’s “truly a champion.”

Tyler Butler-Figueroa

This young violinist survived cancer and reached the Top 10 last season on AGT after receiving the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell. He called this “the performance of my life.” Tonight, his amazing performance even included backup dancers. Alesha Dixon praised his “musicality,” and Heidi called it “adorable.”

Ben Hart

This magician from Britain’s Got Talent said he was “ready to impress” on the AGT stage. Ben’s act turned rice into water, but the judges weren’t very impressed. Howie said it “fell off at the end,” and they weren’t sure if it was over. Alesha said there was an “awkwardness,” and Simon compared it to an infomercial.

Freckled Sky

This dance project appeared on AGT Season 10, but only made it to the quarterfinals. They’ve since had some amazing opportunities, and are now returning for another chance. The dancers performed against a digital backdrop. Simon buzzed the act, and said he “didn’t get it” and it was “boring.” Alesha called him a “party pooper.”

Moses Concas

This harmonica player won Italy’s Got Talent in 2016. He said he believes he has a chance to win AGT: The Champions with his talent. His performance, which featured beatboxing and background performers, didn’t impress Simon. He said it felt like the performance “never even got started.”

Golden Buzzer: V. Unbeatable

This Indian dance group came in fourth place last season on AGT. Despite their loss, their country welcomed them back with support. They’ve since performed in Las Vegas, and a movie is currently being made about them. Alesha praised their “beautiful, positive energy.” Simon said, “We needed you tonight.” Howie was so impressed, he actually sat on the Golden Buzzer for them.



Michael Grimm

This singer won AGT Season 5, and used his prize money to buy his grandparents a new house after they lost theirs in Hurricane Katrina. He took a step away from fame, but returned for an impressive performance of “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James. Alesha complimented the “raspiness” of his voice, but Simon didn’t like the song choice.

Duo Destiny

This couple won Poland’s Got Talent with their hand balancing act. They’ve performed all over the world, but this is their first time performing in America. They showed off some incredible acrobatic moves, and even swung from the ceiling. Heidi called it “sexy” and “romantic.” Simon said they were “astonishing.” Howie, meanwhile, was obsessed with whether they’re going to get married.

Quick Style

This dance crew won Norway’s Got Talent and choreographed for BTS, even getting nominated for an MTV VMA. They said they chose to go with a “risky” performance, and ended up getting buzzed by Howie. He said it couldn’t compare to other dancers on the show, but Alesha said it’s “completely different.”

Miki Dark

This frightening magician competed on Germany’s Got Talent. Tonight, he brought Heidi and host Terry Crews on stage for a terrifying routine that involved a knife and a photo of Simon Cowell. “Thank you so much for not killing me,” Heidi said. Simon criticized her for screaming so much during the performance.

‘AGT Champions’ Round 3 Results

Two acts were chosen by the superfans to move on to the semifinals, along with one Judges’ Choice act. Tonight, the superfan vote went to Duo Destiny and Tyler Butler-Figueroa, while the judges chose to put Alexa Lauenburger through. V. Unbeatable, meanwhile, will go straight to the finals.

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