‘AGT: Champions’ Kicks Off Season 2 With Jaw-Dropping Golden Buzzer [Video]

Jill O'Rourke
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Heidi Klum hitting the Golden Buzzer on "AGT: The Champions"Trae Patton/NBC

AGT: The Champions Season 2 kicked off with a bang on Monday night. Heidi Klum and BGT judge Alesha Dixon joined Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel on the judging panel, while Terry Crews returned as host.

This year, ten acts will compete in each preliminary round. Three of them will move on to the semifinals, while one Golden Buzzer act will be sent straight through to the finals. Check out the first night’s performances below.


‘AGT Champions’ Season 2 Premiere

Paddy & Nicko

Paddy is an 85-year-old dancer. Nico is her 45-year-old dance partner. They competed on BGT in 2014 and earned the Golden Buzzer. Tonight, they performed a lively salsa routine that shocked Howie and Terry. Alesha said they prove “it’s never too late to do what you love.”

Mike Yung

This former subway busker competed in Season 12 of AGT. He shared that his partner died suddenly after his time on the show, and he was encouraged by his kids to take the second chance on Champions. He performed an original song called “Dreamer.” Heidi said she loved the song, and Alesha praised his “humility.”

Junior Creative

This group of young dancers won Myanmar’s Got Talent in 2018. They performed an artistic routine featuring silhouettes and dramatic backdrops which told an emotional story of war. Alesha said it was “presented beautifully,” and Heidi praised them for sending a socially conscious message.


This flashy accordion player made a name for himself in Season 13 of AGT. Since then, he’s toured around the world. Tonight, his performance of “Juice” by Lizzo had the crowd going wild, but that didn’t stop Simon from buzzing him. Alesha told him not to “take it so seriously,” adding that the show is all about having fun.

Jack Vidgen

This singer won Australia’s Got Talent in 2011, when he was just 14 years old. When his voice started to change, he stopped singing and left show business. Now 22, Jack says he loves his voice again. He performed “You Say” by Lauren Daigle, and earned praise from the judges. Howie said he just needs the confidence.


Duo Transcend

This married couple (Mary Wolfe-Nielsen and Tyce Nielsen) performed trapeze routines during Season 13 of AGT. Tonight, they performed a routine that they say they’ve never done in front of people before. It had the judges on the edge of their seats. Simon said it was better than what they did in Season 13.

Dan Naturman

This stand-up comedian from Season 9 of AGT set out to impress Heidi more than he did last time. Howie expressed how funny he thinks Dan is before his latest set, in which he talked about being an uncle and modern dating. Simon buzzed him, and Dan fired back that he didn’t know about comedy.


Eddie Williams

This strongman competed on Australia’s Got Talent last year. Terry described him as the strongest contestant on any Got Talent show around the world. He shocked the judges and audience when he started singing part of the way through his performance. Howie buzzed him, but Heidi said she loved it and called him a “gentle giant.”

Dania Diaz

This magician from Venezuela was a finalist on Spain’s Got Talent in 2018. As a woman in magic, she says many people assumed she was an assistant. Tonight, she used closeup card magic to tell the story of her life. Simon called it an “amazing performance” and praised her for the emotion behind the routine.

Golden Buzzer: Angelina Jordan

This 13-year-old jazz singer won Norway’s Got Talent in 2014. Now she wants to make it big in America, and has wanted to sing for Simon for ten years. She performed a unique rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. Alesha said they were witnessing the birth of a star. Heidi was so impressed, she hit the Golden Buzzer for Angelina.


The Results

Two acts were chosen by the superfans to move on to the semifinals, along with one Judges’ Choice act. Tonight, the superfan vote went to Duo Transcend and Dania Diaz, while the judges chose to put Hans through. Angelina Jordan, meanwhile, will go straight to the finals.

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