Meet Vikas: The Hero Behind V Unbeatable on ‘AGT: Champions’

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Indian dance group V Unbeatable is in it to win it on AGT: The Champions this week. The acrobatic team from the slums of Mumbai came in fourth place in Season 14. Now they’re back to prove themselves.

You might be wondering what the V in V Unbeatable stands for. There’s quite an emotional story behind the answer, which also has to do with the name on the back of the dancers’ jerseys.

Who Was V Unbeatable Founder Vikas?

V Unbeatable was formed in 2012, by Vikas Gupta and Om Prakash. The group was originally called simply Unbeatable, until tragedy led them to change their name. In 2014, Vikas was injured during rehearsals. He was paralyzed from the neck down and passed away a few weeks later.

Vikas’ death highlights just how dangerous the group’s performances are, as they fly through the air without nets or mats under them.


Om Prakash said of Vikas in an interview, “Whatever I learned in dance is because of him.” After his death, he says the group “disintegrated.” Then Vikas’ father came to Om to apologize for not supporting his son’s love of dance. “He encouraged me to get back to dancing so I could fulfil his incomplete dream,” Om said.

To honor Vikas, the group added the V to the beginning of their name, and they also wear his name across the backs of their shirts during performances. During their time on the show, they explained that it was Vikas’ “dream was to be on a stage like this.” They shared that he will “forever be the V in V Unbeatable.”

Can V Unbeatable Win ‘AGT: The Champions’?

V Unbeatable is competing on AGT: The Champions this week, and we predict they’ll go far this time around. It was shocking when they only placed fourth in Season 14, but this might be their chance to make it to the end.


One reason they probably have a good chance is that superfans are likely to remember their past performances on the show more than acts from other seasons or other countries. There was also a lot of anger on social media over their loss, so this is the perfect opportunity for redemption.

The group also doesn’t have to worry about last season’s winner Kodi Lee, who isn’t competing in Champions. Last year, the most recent winner Shin Lim took the Champions title. That won’t happen this time, leaving an opening for another beloved act.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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