9-Year-Old Savannah Manzel Is Now A Semi-Finalist On ‘World Of Dance’

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The little 9-year-old Savannah Manzel is winning our hearts with her passionate dancing on NBC’s World of Dance. She advanced in the semi-finals on Tuesday night on NBC’s World of Dance stage.

WATCH Savannah Manzel Impress Judges On ‘World Of Dance’

Savannah Manzel is a versatile young performer but has found her passion in jazz and contemporary.  She has been competing since the age of 5 and is trained in all styles at Larkin Dance Studio.

Savannah’s recent performance, ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ by Celine Dion at the qualifiers have reached nearly half a million views. Judge Jennifer Lopez, who is also the show’s producer, said, “You look like you’ve been rehearsing for that for 15 years.” The celebrity judges, which also include Derek Hough and Ne-Yo, called her “strong, athletic, flexible.” Lopez added: “With a beautiful smile that lights up the room.”

Savannah Manzel performs to “River Deep, Mountain High” by Celine Dion on World of Dance Qualifiers.

Last night Savannah Manzel impressed the judges with her stellar performance again the Junior division duels. However, this time there was a

Savannah also loves gymnastics, riding her bike, and playing house with her siblings. Her favorite thing about dance is learning new and challenging things, and being on the big stage. She wants to be a dance and gymnastics teacher when she grows up! 

She is the youngest dancer to ever compete, according to the show’s publicist. She is not the first Larkin dancer to appear on the show, though: Past stand-outs include sisters Ellie and Ava Wagner and first-season runner up, Eva Igo.


Savannah and her family — including her parents, Katie and Bill, and her three siblings, Sawyer, Will and Scarlett — were at home. 

Savannah, like other children, has been recently adjusting to learning from home. In addition to finishing up third grade online, she and her sister, 6-year-old Scarlett, have been keeping up on their dance classes through Zoom.

Savannah also has a twin brother, Sawyer, and an older brother, Will, who is finishing up fifth grade at their school, Transfiguration Catholic School in Oakdale. They’re all doing great with learning from home, says their mom. For Savannah, it’s fun.


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