Sofia Vergara’s Most Hilariously Savage Moments Clapping Back at Haters

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Colombian American actress, television producer, presenter and model, Sofia Vergara has already won our hearts with her role as the sexy and assertive Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on the sitcom Modern Family. Now, we love to watch her on America’s Got Talent, and can’t wait for even more of her hilariously savage moments this season.

Sofia Vergara’s most savage moments

She’s witty and a fast thinker with a dash of finesse. She can come up with a comeback to a distasteful joke and make the situation funny without being too awkward. Basically, we can’t wait for her to continue to shine this season on ‘AGT.’

1. Vergara on David Letterman’s Show

Vergara was talking about how she was working on her Walmart line look while wearing an outfit from her line when David Letterman stops her asking “somebody can go to the Walmart and buy that dress?”

She stops him saying that “I can buy that dress, earring, everything, everything you see here you can get at Walmart but for $29 no no no but this one is like $49.”

2. Vergara on Mean Tweets

Vergara was reading tweets during Jimmy Kimmel’s ongoing ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” series when one tweet read: “Sophia Vergara sounds like she has a d**k in her mouth… I hate hearing her talk.”

Vergara pops back with: “What’s wrong with having a dick in my mouth?”

3. Vergara on ‘Lopez Tonight’

On Lopez Tonight, Vergara said that as soon as she began auditioning in Los Angeles, producers commented on her accent and her look, but had problems with her blonde hair.

“As soon as I put the black hair out ‘oh yeah she is so hot and latin,'” she said.

The queen of sass then added of Lopez: “You didn’t have that problem because you look more Mexican than a taco that’s for sure.”

4. Vergara on ‘Chelsea Lately’

Vergara praised Chelsea Handler’s books on her show Chelsea Lately, “I love your books after I came here and I enjoy your company then I read your books.”

Chelsea replies, “I would have gotten you the Spanish version of the books.”

Her iconic comeback: ” I don’t need the Spanish version, don’t be racist.”

Cue us screaming our support.

5. Vergara on her Catholic Father

During an award show, Vergara highlights her father’s advice to her while growing up.

“I grew up in Barranquilla, Colombia in a very traditional Catholic home. My father told me that if I did anything artistic I was going to look like a hooker.”

Sofia Vergara’s savage moment in an award show

“I told him ‘With these huge boobs that I inherited from your mother I already look like a hooker.'”

A true queen.

You can catch Vergara and all of her amazing comebacks on America’s Got Talent returning June 1 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.


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