10 of The Best Japanese Acts on ‘America’s Got Talent’

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America’s Got Talent fans have seen some pretty unique and entertaining people hailing from Japan in the history of the show. There acts will make you smile, laugh, cry, and leave you shocked. Here are 10 of the very best acts Japan has to offer in one of the biggest talent show competitions in the world.

1. Travis Japan

Travis Japan is a J-pop seven member boy band. Their act combines vocals with high-energy dance moves. Following their AGT audition, Simon Cowell stated that their “energy was through the roof.” They continued on in the competition, but was eliminated after their semifinal performance.


MPLUSPLUS graced the AGT stage in season 17 as a group of engineers and performers that prepared for 12 years for their audition. Their audition made it clear that they have years of experience behind them. Unfortunately, MPLUSPLUS did not get enough votes in the semifinals eliminating the group from the competition.

3. Kenichi Ebina

AGT season eight winner Kenichi Ebina has to be one of the most memorable Japanese acts to grace the stage. He is a self-taught dance performer that consists of freestyle Hip-hop with the occasional matrix-inspired dance moves.

4. Yumbo Dump

Now, this is a comedic duo that showcases an unusual but unique talent. Yumbo Dump’s acts consisted of making various sounds using their bodies such as cries of dolphins, and the sound of a UFO flying. The nature of their act requiring them to be topless makes them quite unusual to some viewers and judges. This was evidenced by their reactions, as well as receiving red buzzers for their performances.

5. Fusion Japan

Fusion Japan is a Japanese supergroup combining two rival dance groups: Kyushu Danji and Fabulous Sisters. Their dance routine includes synchronized dance moves from the girls and acrobatics for the boys. The supergroup delivers some of the most entertaining acts of the show. Mainly because of the number of performers and the skill it takes to choreograph their dance steps almost perfectly.

6. UniCircle Flow

UniCircle Flow is a unicycle dance performance group from Japan, they competed in the 16th season of AGT. Their performance includes high-paced original dance moves that are in sync and choreographed to perfection. Cowell even said their act is “one of the most unique, amazing acts we’ve seen on AGT over the years.” Their group made it up to the semifinals of the show.

7. Waffle

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Waffle is a World Double Dutch Contest champion group. The group flew all the way from home to deliver an amazing double dutch jump rope audition on AGT. Doing their act to the tune of “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind & Fire, makes their performance very memorable.

8. Gonzo

This performer is not just a tambourinist from Japan, he is also an entertainer that loves putting smiles on everyone’s faces with his performances. Gonzo performs all over the world doing what he loves, and we commend him for it.

9. Blue Tokyo

Blue Tokyo already left an impression by showing up with an injured member due to practicing for their audition. Despite this, they truly made a mark by dancing so in sync with each other. You can see the amount of effort it takes to perform a dance act as well as Blue Tokyo did. They have separated themselves from other dance groups in the show by upping their acrobatics to the next level.

10. Shu Takada

Shu Takada is a Yo-Yo champion from season 17 of AGT. He is possibly the greatest Yo-Yo act that has ever been on AGT and with good reason. Takada has a background of being a six-time World Yo-Yo Champion. It is no surprise that he’s the one that delivered the Yo-Yo act that was not “boring,” as Cowell said.

Many talented people from all over the world go to AGT to showcase their skills. With so many talents coming from Japan, which one of them is your favorite?

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