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10 Facts About Legendary Queer Icon RuPaul Charles

RuPaul Charles on Watch What Happens Live With Andy CohenPhoto by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

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It’s no secret that RuPaul Charles has raised hundreds of drag queens, spanning over a decade. He is indeed not only a classic gay icon, but a mother of the queer community. Yet, beyond the legend that she is, there’s more to RuPaul that what meets the eye.

We compiled some of the most interesting facts about the revolutionary drag diva. Let’s find out about them below.

10 Facts About RuPaul Charles

1. RuPaul’s Name Comes From Culinary

Named RuPaul Andre Charles, his mother made sure that he wouldn’t forget his Louisiana heritage. The “Ru” in RuPaul actually comes from the food “roux,” a mix of butter and flour in several creole dishes.

2. He Uses Two Pronouns

Interestingly, RuPaul isn’t strict when it comes to his pronouns. He uses either he or she, having the mindset that gender is immaterial.

3. He’s Married

In January 2017, RuPaul married Georges LeBar, celebrating their decades of romance. It was revealed that the couple met at a club named Limelight. Although RuPaul is not one to disclose too many details about his marriage, the public knows that the couple enjoys their open relationship.

4. He’s Sober

Back in the ‘90s, RuPaul had a reputation for being a wild drunk. He nonetheless realized that such bad habit had to stop and he needed to get sober. Today, he puts much regard in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

5. He was Kicked Out of High School

During RuPaul’s younger years, he was kicked out of high school due to absenteeism. Apparently, the drag icon is one of the several pieces of evidence that success is not measured based on diploma.

6. It Takes RuPaul, Her Team Six Hours to Transform Into Her Drag Persona

From his straight-passing appearance, RuPaul had to spend six hours before he turns into a drag queen. Thanks to his glam team, he looks extremely bomb in every outfit she sports in RuPaul’s Drag Race.

7. He Doesn’t Have Coming Out Experience

Unlike most drag queens with distinct coming out moment, RuPaul never came out of the closet. In his perspective, he didn’t have to leave the closet for he was never even there. As a child, other kids would try to bully him by calling him “gay,” to which he didn’t react, for he knew the remarks were just the truth.

8. He was Called Out for Being Transphobic

Apparently, RuPaul wasn’t always accepting of transpeople. Back then, numerous members of the queer community called her out for her offensive comments of not believing that transwomen could be drag queens. She has since apologized, regarding the trans community as her “teachers.” In the past, two to three years, we’ve had multiple transwomen winners.

9. He Accused Jimmy Fallon of Copying Him

The drag diva apparently has an awkward issue with television personality Jimmy Fallon and his show Lip Sync Battle. Of course, it was RuPaul who gave rise to the concept of two people going head-to-head in a lip sync-off, introduced as the final elimination challenge of RuPaul’s Drag Race. According to him, Lip Sync Battle is a “poor rip-off” of his version.

10. He Owns a Stuffed Donkey

In form of a stuffed donkey, RuPaul has a security blanket named Jimmy. Jimmy sleeps with him every night, his best friend who makes him feel safe.

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