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Who Wore it Best: the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges or Their Doggy Doppelgängers?


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The Canine Stars are the dog act that fans have been waiting for on America’s Got Talent. For their Season 16 audition, the group performed a routine where dogs impersonated the judges. The rescue group made Twitter accounts for each of the dog personas and have been posting pictures of the furry friends looking exactly like the judges. Which dog looks the most like their America’s Got Talent judge?

Ranking the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges Puppy Look-Alikes

5. Heidi Klum and Heidi Groom

Heidi Klum and her pawsome furry friend Heidi Groom have similar blonde locks. They both posed with their families in these side-by-side photos. Klum has her own dog in the photo along with her husband Tom Kaulitz. Heidi Groom is wearing some killer shades much like Klum but we definitely think some of the other dogs bear a better resemblance to the other judges.

4. Howie Mandel and BowWowie Mandel

BowWowie Mandel gets the award for the most adorable dog name ever. One thing that has become a huge part of Howie Mandel’s signature America’s Got Talent style is his rounded glasses. BowWowie is wearing those same glasses so it’s easy to tell which judge he gets his fashion inspiration from. How cute is BowWowie’s podcast poster?

3. Simon Cowell and Simon Howl

Simon Cowell and Simon Howl are the human and pup duo we never knew we needed. Cowell is known for wearing white button-down shirts with deep necklines. His doggy doppelgänger is wearing the same shirt with tinted sunglasses. Simon Howl gives off the vibe that he is about to talk business with all of the other dogs at the doggy park. This dog’s look is pretty spot on because he just looks determined to find the next big boyband. All this dog needs now is to put on a white pair of shorts.

2. Terry Crews and Terry Chews

Terry Crews literally found his dog twin in Terry Chews. Crews is known for being the muscular NFL star-turned host that has a really big heart. Mr. Chews looks like he is nice and cuddly at first but will intimidate any other dog he sees. Crews has a strong personality and has the perfect dog to represent that. The resemblance is just uncanny and it’s appropriate that the big dog in charge of hosting gets the biggest dog to impersonate him.

1. Sofia Vergara and SoFurry Vergara

The Canine Stars may have just found Sofia Vergara’s twin. SoFurry Vergara has the same exact ombre hair color as Sofia. The best part of this is that they both share a love for eating yummy snacks. Paparazzi always infamously snaps pictures of Sofia eating which SoFurry has emulated perfectly. It’s impossible to look this glamourous eating an ice cream cone. This is the best set of look-alikes out of the bunch hands down.

You be the Judge!

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