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Howie Mandel Jealous of the Paparazzi Attention Given to ‘AGT’ Co-Star Heidi Klum

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The Howie Mandel Does Stuff Podcast is a chance for Howie Mandel to get candid without any filter. This week, he and daughter Jackelyn Shultz spoke with fellow ‘AGT’ Heidi Klum about the lack of paparazzi and media attention he gets while surrounded by gorgeous ‘AGT’ co-stars Klum and Sofia Vergara.


Howie Mandel Wears Ridiculous Outfits to Get Paparazzi Attention on ‘AGT’ Set

Mandel opened up the podcast with a memory of Klum from 2020. Klum mentioned that she got “good pickup” on her entrance outfit when walking onto the ‘AGT’ set. She showed Mandel all of the news outlets that covered her entrance look.

“She enters the building, there’s paparazzi on the outside, they take a picture of her and then within two hours if you Google you’ll see that picture on international places like all over the place,” he said about the experience.

Mandel mentioned that he does not really pay attention to the paparazzi but the lack of attention does get to him at times.

“Paparazzi has never really been that interested in me which kind of bothers me as I say it out loud,” he admitted.

The next day at the beginning of March, Mandel wanted to try out a new look. It was right before the world was beginning to close down amid the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘AGT’ was still taping with a live audience. One thing that kept making headlines this time was that people were hoarding toilet paper.


Mandel decided it would be funny to wear a helmet and carry in a bunch of toilet paper for his entrance look. He did end up making headlines but it wasn’t what he expected. There was no context surrounding his look, so he assumed people just thought he was wearing it for no reason.


Klum Joined the Conversation to Weigh-in on Mandel’s Looks

The day after, Mandel wore a nice outfit and still was not making headlines with lengthy stories but Vergara and Klum both did. This led Mandel to say “f*ck it” and keep trying to create buzz with his outlandish looks.

“Every day I showed up and my goal was to get in the paper,” he admitted.

Some of his looks included walking in shirtless with a surfboard and showing up in a neck brace and bandages.

Mandel called Klum to get her take on the paparazzi situation. She was actually at the dentist with her husband Tom Kaulitz who was getting his teeth cleaned as the ‘AGT’ judges were speaking.

“It just showcases your many personalities every morning when you go to work,” Klum said about Mandel’s fashion risks.

The conversation quickly turned frisky. Klum started making sexual jokes about her husband and what they were going to do after he gets his teeth cleaned.

“I get a lollipop when we get home,” she said. “Adults are allowed to have a lollipop too.”

Klum also spoke about massaging her husbands groin for hours and incorporating numbing cream in their bedroom time.

Mandel and Klum are like two peas in a pod and will be back on our television screens when Season 16 of ‘AGT’ premieres on June 1 on NBC.



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