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Who Won ‘Masked Singer’ New Zealand’s Premiere Season? Meet the Contestants

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The Masked Singer recently wrapped up its first season in New Zealand, crowning a winner during Sunday’s finale after a 10-episode season. The competition featured 12 celebrity contestants hidden under elaborate costumes.

Many of the names might be unfamiliar to Americans, but they’re well-known in New Zealand. The show is hosted by Clinton Randell, who won New Zealand Idol. The judges are Rhys Darby, Sharyn Casey, Ladi6, and James Roque.


1. ‘Masked Singer NZ’ Winner Tuatara (Jason Kerrison)

The winner of Season 1 of The Masked Singer New Zealand was a celebrity with a distinctly Kiwi disguise. The Tuatara was modeled after a lizard of the same name, which is native to the country. He turned out to be Jason Kerrison, a singer from New Zealand. He recently put out a new single called “The Timing” to coincide with his unmasking — much like contestants on the American version of the show.

2. Sheep (Troy Kingi)

Second place went to the Sheep, who was unmasked to reveal Troy Kingi, a new Zealand actor whom you might recognize from the 2016 film Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Kingi’s costume included a black leather jacket.

3. Medusa (Joe Cotton)

The Medusa turned out to be singer Joe Cotton, who was born in Canada. Cotton was a member of the girl group TrueBliss, which formed on the show Popstars in 1999. She has since performed in a cover band called The Mermaids Dance band and works as a radio presenter.

4. Pavlova (Stephanie Tauevihi)

The Pavlova was another distinctly New Zealand character, as the dessert is popular in the country and in Australia. She turned out to be singer and actress Stephanie Tauevihi, who sang in the band Strawpeople and appeared on the TV show Shortland Street.

5. Monster (Kings)

The Monster might look familiar to fans of the American version of The Masked Singer. He sported just one eye, much like the Monster who turned out to be T-Pain in Season 1 of the U.S. show. This version was revealed to be rapper and singer Kings, whose hit debut single “Don’t Worry Bout It” came out in 2016.


6. Jellyfish (Matilda Green)

The Jellyfish turned out to be reality star and author Matilda Green, who won New Zealand’s Bachelor in 2015 and later wrote the best-selling book The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Living a Beautiful Life.

7. Possum (Grace Palmer)

This season’s pink Possum character was unmasked to reveal Grace Palmer, an actress who (like fellow contestant Stephanie Tauevihi) appeared on the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street. She also appeared in the 2018 film Adrift, starring Shailene Woodley.

8. Orange Roughy (Mike McRoberts)

The Orange Roughy was a fish character who was revealed to be TV news anchor Mike McRoberts. He previously competed on New Zealand’s Dancing with the Stars in 2019, but was eliminated in the fourth episode.

9. Monarch (Madeleine Sami)

The Monarch turned out to be actress and director Madeleine Sami, who created and starred in the series Super City. She also directed and starred in the 2018 movie The Breaker Uppers, which was a success at the New Zealand box office.

10. Alien (Tom Sainsbury)

This Alien looks different from the one who appeared on the U.S. Masked Singer (aka LaToya Jackson). The green guy turned out to be Tom Sainsbury, an actor and writer who appeared on Sami’s show Super City, as well as the 2019 film Guns Akimbo, starring Daniel Radcliffe.

11. Moa (Stephen Donald)

The Moa was a flightless bird native to New Zealand that is now extinct. This version of the animal turned out to be Stephen Donald, who plays rugby for the NEC Green Rockets. He kicked the winning penalty in the 2011 Rugby World Cup Final.

12. Tui (Suzy Cato)

The Tui is another New Zealand bird. This one turned out to be Suzy Cato, an Australian-born children’s entertainer who has hosted the shows Suzy’s World and You and Me. Unfortunately, she was the first contestant to be eliminated during the competition.

Do you recognize any of this season’s contestants? Let us know in the comments.

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