Who Is Going To Win Next Week’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ Finale?

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After Wednesday night’s results show we now know who the ten acts are that will move on to the America’s Got Talent finals next week. This is a great group of acts that not only have a great deal of talent but also have shown a lot of courage, growth, and spirit. But ultimately there can be only one winner. Let’s speculate wildly on who that will be, shall we?

Angelica Hale

I believe that it will ultimately come down to her and Darci Lynne Farmer. If our post views are any indication, Angelica is second only to Darci Lynne. She’s got a HUGE social media following and has RABID fans. She might just pull it off.

Darci Lynne Farmer

However, the odds on favorite to win is Darci Lynne Farmer. Her singing ventriloquism act does two things that are going to put her over the top. She appeals to both the singing fans and the variety fans as well as being one of the most unique acts we’ve ever seen. We predict a Darci Lynne win.


Oh, Kechi. Of all of the stories that have been told this season, none is as tragic and inspiring as Kechi’s tale of surviving a plane crash. Plus I just found out she went to the same tiny Houston Catholic college as me. As much as I would like my fellow University of St. Thomas alum to win, I just don’t see it happening.


These guys WILL get a huge Las Vegas act out of being on the show. Of that I am certain. But I just don’t think they connect with the audience enough to win. They do look good in Spandex though.

Evie Clair

There is a question whether or not Evie will return for the finals after the tragic death of her father. If she does return, it will be hugely popular and extremely brave. If she doesn’t, Simon has already promised her a spot next year. We wish her the best.

Chase Goehring

Chase is cute, a good songwriter, and a talented performer. The teen girls like him too. But I don’t think he’s AGT champion material. I’m sure he’ll get a record contract and much love from the ladies from his appearance on the show.

Light Balance

These guys are very cool, no doubt about that. But much like Diavolo I think it’s difficult for the audience to really connect with a group of guys doing a wacky dancing act. They’ll go home but I bet they get a Vegas show too.

Mandy Harvey

She will be the third contender for the championship along with Darci Lynne and Angelica Hale. The deaf singer with the golden voice is an audience favorite and one of Simon’s darlings too. She could pull of an upset.

Preacher Lawson

I love this guy. He’s truly hilarious and smart. If this were a comedy competition, he’d surely win. But no comedian has ever won AGT and I doubt that’s going to change now.

Sara and Hero

We love Sara Carson here at Talent Recap. It cannot be easy to train those dogs to do what they do with such precision. People have counted her out before and she keeps coming back swinging. So, maybe she’ll win?

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