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Which ‘The Voice’ Franchise is the Overall Best? Ranking the Top ‘The Voice’ Franchises Around the World

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The Voice franchise has garnered immense popularity for its unique format, captivating performances, and star-studded coaching panels. With various iterations of The Voice spread across the globe, the question arises: which franchise reigns supreme?

Which The Voice Franchise is The Best?

8. The Voice of Holland

The show that started it all, The Voice of Holland paved the way for the global phenomenon. With its innovative blind audition format, the Dutch version set the standard for authenticity and vocal abilities. The show’s influence on the franchise’s development earns it a well-deserved spot on this list.


7. The Voice of China

The Voice of China is a version that has captured the hearts of millions with its sheer magnitude and breathtaking performances. The show’s influence reaches beyond borders, solidifying its position as the overall best in the franchise.

6. The Voice Kids (Germany)

A spin-off catering to younger talents, The Voice Kids (Germany) offers a heartwarming showcase of exceptional voices from the next generation. The format retains the charm of the original show while highlighting the potential of young singers.

5. The Voice Brasil

In the vibrant musical landscape of Brazil, The Voice Brasil shines a spotlight on the nation’s diverse sounds and rhythms. The show’s coaches, including music icons like Claudia Leitte and Michel Teló, contribute their industry insights, and also adds to the rich musicality of the show.

4. The Voice France

The Voice France has consistently delivered a blend of both unique vocal performances and captivating storytelling. The show’s focus on originality and cultural diversity has garnered a dedicated following, showcasing France’s influence on the global music scene.

3. The Voice Australia

Down under, The Voice Australia has charmed viewers with its blend of raw talents and heartwarming narratives. The country’s rich musical diversity is on full display, and the show’s coaches connect deeply with both contestants and the audience.

2. The Voice UK

Crossing over to the United Kingdom, The Voice UK strikes a balance between honoring the country’s musical heritage and nurturing unique vocal talents. The show’s ability to showcase both timeless classics and modern hits adds to its appeal.

1. The Voice USA

As one of the most influential versions, The Voice USA has propelled numerous artists to international stardom. With its star-studded coaching panel and commitment to discovering authentic talents, the show remains a powerhouse in the franchise. It also continues to shape the trajectory of the music industry with its exceptional track record.

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