Watch Simon Cowell React to Cringey Version of ‘Bang Bang’ on ‘X Factor UK’


21-year-old Ezat Azur has the personality of a star. He was extremely friendly and had a great stage presence when he auditioned for the X Factor UK. Azur performed Ariana Grande’s famous song, “Bang Bang.” Instead of hitting high notes just like Grande, he ended up singing a very pitchy version of the song. Watch the audition below!

Ezat Azur Gets Feisty With the Judges

Even though Ezat, who works as a banker, had a nice personality during his audition, it wasn’t good enough to impress the judges or the audience. At one point during his performance an audience member said, “it’s a no from me.” The camera also panned to a couple of people in the audience who look shocked and confused at his voice. He did such a cringey job that even Simon Cowell covered his ears at one point.

Judge Robbie Williams decides to turn him down nicely after he performs.

“You’re wonderful and huge but wrong, singing is not for you,” he said. Ezat is not having it and tells him jokingly that he thinks he is actually the one in the wrong. Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, tells him to stick to his job in banking where Ezat asks the audience if they agree and they all cheer.

Ezat despite the negative comments from the judges handled it pretty well, and even made an impression on Cowell.

“We are going to remember you, your voice is terrible but I’m really happy you came,” Cowell said.

Following this remark Ezat felt he had heard enough and told them he feels that’s their own opinion and walked off the stage, before even letting them vote.

“I know they’re wrong,” Ezat tells the host backstage following this audition. “I’ll prove them wrong you’ll see me soon.”

Even though Ezat can’t sing and didn’t do Ariana Grande justice with his version of the song, he definitely made us all laugh!

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