‘X Factor’ Contestant Goes On A Full Blown Verbal Showdown With The Judges [VIDEO]

Contestant-gets-aggresive-on-X-Factor.Riyanka S | Talent Recap

North London teenager George Gerasimou went on a full-blown foul-mouthed tirade at judge Tulisa Contostavlos in the first X-Factor auditions.

‘X Factor’ Contestant Gets Aggressive With Judge Tulisa

WATCH George Gerasimou Get Aggressive On ‘X Factor’

The second time return on the show X Factor may not have turned out the way George Gerasimou wanted and came as as a shock to everyone especially Judge Tulisa.

This 19-year-old is remembered from his outrageous outburst during the 2009 auditions when he famously shouted at Simon to “shut up” before storming off stage.

This time he came on stage and launched into a tuneless rendition of Gimme Everything but it was immediately obvious that he couldn’t sing! His performance was stopped midway with George snapping and shouting, “Why did you stop the music. Who are you? You’re just someone trying to replace Cheryl Cole.”

Riyanka S | Talent Recap ‘X Factor’ Contestant Gets Aggressive With Judge Tulisa

Gary Barlow jokes about his routine: “You’ve matured like a bad curry, mate.”

George walked off from the stage to the judges when judge Tulisa told him, “Get back and stop invading my space.”

Tulisa hit back with saying “I don’t think your attitude has changed at all. You came and stood right next to me, and I felt a lot of aggression off you. You’re very angry. It’s not a good vibe.”

Seconds later he interrupted her, “OK, I respect your opinion. Now it’s time for my opinion. You will vote in good time. Tulisa, if you’re replacing Cheryl.”

George Takes His Aggressive Attitude Backstage

Gerasimou calls the singer a “scumbag” and a “dog”, before being told off by host Dermot O’Leary warning him to “Watch your mouth. Don’t call girls that.”


Tulisa cut him down with “We don’t have to sit here and listen to you anymore, I don’t want to hear another word of it.” She said, “You’ve embarrassed yourself to the entire nation. I worked myself up from Camden Town and that’s why I’m here today.”

“No dogs allowed. No dogs allowed on The X Factor. I would have brought my Alsation,” grumbled Gerasimou after being escorted from the stage by security.


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