The Voice Recap: The Knockouts Begin

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Tonight, we begin the next chapter of The Voice Season 14’s- the Knockouts! To shake things up, this season is bringing something new called “the save.” Each judge has the ability to save one person from their team in addition to their steal. If a save and steal happen at the same time, it’s up to the contestant to choose. Let us take a look at how this new element shook up night 1 of the Knockouts! 

Kyla vs Jaclyn (Team Blake) 

The first knockouts begin with two strong but different styled female artists. Proving that she was a front-runner during the blind auditions, Kyla takes to the stage to perform her rendition of You Don’t Own Me and blows the roof off the house, leaving Kelly Clarkson to almost have a heart attack by the end of the performance. Her performance and stage presence were solid, as was Jaclyn’s performance of Put Your Records On. Although Blake hoped his steal for Jaclyn would take her further along in the competition, it was the end of the road since Kyla got his vote.

Winner: Kyla 


Justin vs Kaleb (Team Kelly) 

Though Justin went into the competition with a four-chair turn, there was still a lot to prove in his performance tonight. Singing Shameless proved to be a struggle, as his performance falls short throughout the piece. However, Kaleb stayed consistent in his performance of Free and ended the night with a win.

Winner: Kaleb


Mia vs Jackie (Team Adam) 

Singing Bring Me Back to Life by Evanescence, Jackie sparks the attention of several of the coaches with her soulful yet powerful performance. Meanwhile, Mia captures the depth of her song choice of Wade in the Water. Although Adam chooses Mia for the knockout win, he uses his one save on Jackie. We soon learn that Adam isn’t the only one who wants Jackie on his team, as Kelly, Blake and Alicia work to steal her on their team. Ultimately it’s now up to Jackie, and she chooses to join Team Alicia.

Winner: Mia 

Steal: Jackie on Team Alicia


Spensha vs Austin (Team Blake)

Though both artists are fairly different from one another, they share in common their solid performances in the blind audition and battle rounds. Austin’s song choice was Almost Like Being in Love, while Spensha slowed down her performance and delivered the song Broken Halo. Though Blake chooses Spensha to continue on, he isn’t ready to give up on Austin and uses his one save for the evening to keep Austin in the running.

Winner: Spensha

Save: Austin remains on Team Blake 

Miya vs Johnny (Team Alicia) 

Fan favorite Johnny Bliss took to the stage to perform a rendition of Sia’s Alive. He had a lot of power in his voice and made the song his own, even singing parts of it in Spanish. New to Team Alicia, Miya’s performance of Castle on the Hill  unfortunately wasn’t her best and Alicia chooses Johnny to continue on.

Winner: Johnny  


Jackie vs Drew (Team Adam) 

With Adam’s lone country singer and music doppelganger, we knew this would be a tough choice for him. Jackie’s rendition of American Honey was smooth and powerful at the same time. While Drew’s performance of Slow Hands was controlled and confident. Adam tells both artists they’ve made strides but chooses Jackie as the winner. However, the road is not over for Drew, and he is saved by Adam only to be stolen by Blake. It’s then up to Drew to choose, and he stays loyal to his coach and continues to the next round with Adam.

Winner: Jackie 

Save: Drew remains on Team Adam 

Well, that’s your talent recap! Who was your favorite performance of tonight? Let us know in the comments below!


Lauren Mnayarji
Lauren Mnayarji

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