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Tyrese Shares Hilarious Interaction with Nick Cannon Before ‘Masked Singer’ Reveal


The Masked Singer is the most secretive show on television. Actor and singer Tyrese Gibson learned that during his time as The Robopine on the show. His good friend Nick Cannon, host of all five seasons knew that Tyrese was under the mask and was forced to keep it a secret.

Nick Cannon Knew The Robopine’s Identity in Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Conversation

After singing his second song as The Robopine, Cannon decided it was time to confront him about his identity.

“King I know who you are, you are killing em right now,” Cannon said approaching The Robpine while he was in costume.

Nicole Scherzinger guessed this week that Tyrese was under the mask after his performance of “Water Runs Dry” by Boyz II Men.

“You think I have a real shot at winning this thing?” Tyrese says he asked Cannon while under the mask before Cannon “walked away and never came back.” 

Many of us ‘Masked Singer’ fans thought The Robopine was an obvious frontrunner in the competition and would make it all the way to the finale. The superfans voting obviously felt differently.

Cannon and Tyrese have been friends for years. Tyrese even attended Cannon and ex-wife Mariah Carey’s one-year anniversary party in 2009.

It Was Hard For the Actor to Keep this Secret

The Masked Singer has very strict rules in place that all of the contestants must follow. Including not telling people close to you about doing the show. The producers pretty much do everything they can to conceal the celebrities’ identities.

Tyrese could “not respond to any text messages, calls, tweets or IG a comments nothing.”

As we know, Tyrese is always very up close and personal with his fans on social media so this was an obvious challenge for him.

He said that the producers have an “aggressive GAG order in place” and he had to learn to keep this major secret.

@tyrese Instagram

The 42-year-old posted a text message where someone said The Robopine sounds like Tyrese.

“I tried to told [sic] the producers of The Masked Singer Lol one thing you can’t do is try and fool my fans and supporters…..” he wrote. “They [sic] hardest thing in the world was NOT posting this and having to keep this all a secret from my 13-year-old Shayla who nudged and nudged I thought I was over music and when I hit that stage it all came back to me like I never left…… My heart and soul is full and I’m beyond humbled and grateful for the love….”

Were you shocked to see Tyrese as The Robopine?

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