Judges Are Obsessed with Jamie Foxx in Most Embarrassing ‘Masked Singer’ Moment Ever


At the beginning of Season 5 of The Masked Singer, the judges received a gift from Nick Cannon who was out with COVID-19 at the time. While he was not present in the studio, he wanted the judges to know that he sees and hears all of their guesses no matter what.

He gave them the “Jar of Shame.” Cannon wanted to prevent them from guessing the same four celebrities that they guess every season which are Jamie Foxx, Johnny Knoxville, Lindsay Lohan, and Bjork. For any judge that guesses any of these celebrities this season, they must put $50 in the jar.

Well, it looks like the judges did not get the memo this season. Whoever gets a hold of that jar will literally be rich.

The ‘Masked Singer’ Judges Obsessively Guess Jamie Foxx is Under The Robopine Mask

The Robopine was eliminated from the competition during the “Spicy 6” episode. Of course all season long, so much speculation centered around whether or not Foxx was under the costume. This speculation came from the judging panel mostly. Foxx has been a guest judge on the show in the past but has never performed under a mask so far.

Before The Robopine was revealed, Cannon read out the judge’s first impression guesses. All of the judges aside from Robin Thicke guessed that Foxx was under the mask. It was a moment that will go down in history as hilarious yet equally embarrassing. Everyone looked around for validation as to why the guesses made sense at that moment when The Robopine first entered the competition.

Ken Jeong laughed so hard at these first impression guesses. Nicole Scherzinger looked like she was in disbelief.

Jenny McCarthy decided to stick with her final guess of Foxx and has literally put so much money into the jar that she does not have any left. Instead of money, she put her gold jewelry in the jar. She was very wrong and gave up her jewelry for no reason because The Robopine was revealed to be Tyrese Gibson.

Each time this happens, fans on social media blast the judges for making the same guesses all the time.

Another outlandish guess from tonight’s episode was when Nicole Scherzinger guessed that Snoop Dogg was underneath The Chameleon mask. While Snoop is iconic and it would be great to see him under a mask, it does not look like that is happening this season.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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