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‘The X Factor UK’ Puts On Their ‘Greatest Show’ For ‘Movie Night’

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The live shows continued over the weekend on The X Factor UK with ‘Movie Night’ in which the contestants sing famous songs from movies. Seems simple enough. The reason for my punny title is that there were three songs from The Greatest Showman. You know, that movie where Wolverine plays P.T. Barnum? 

Giovanni Spano

This guy has been proving himself every week to be the second coming of Meatloaf. As a fellow Texan and lover of rock opera, comparing him to Meatloaf is a high complement. He sang The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman. And he is…a great showman. Disregard the previous sentence.

Dalton Harris

Dalton continues ripping it up on the way to the finals. Because, he’s amazing. Like, maybe the best of the season. He sang California Dreamin‘, not an easy song to sing. But he would have made Mama Cass Eliott proud.

Scarlett Lee

Scarlett, like Dalton, is one of the ones to watch. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes down to the two of them. She sang I’ll Never Love Again from A Star Is Born. What a freakin’ voice this woman has. It’s like watching the love child of Celine Dion and the aforementioned Mama Cass.

Brendan Murray

Good ‘ol Brendan. I like him, even though I’ve given him crap before. I feel like he’s generally uneven but he did a good job with Everybody Hurts. Maybe Brendan will surprise us all?

Acacia and Aaliyah

They were in the bottom last week and barely made it by the skin of their teeth. I feel like they will also be in the bottom this week. Their performance isn’t terrible, but it isn’t great either. They did Survivor…but they may not survive. Word play!

Bella Penfold

Bella is consistently good. I wonder if that will be enough to get her to the finals, though I doubt it will be enough for her to win. She sang A Million Dreams from, you guessed it, The Greatest Showman. Bella is definitely a fan favorite.


They sang Maniac from Flashdance. First of all, that’s a terrible song choice for them. Misunderstood is one of those acts that starts the season off really strong and then slowly gets worse. I think maybe the pressure is getting to them.

Danny Tetley

Danny is a great singer. That much is certain. However, is he the next big British pop star? I can definitely see him headlining some West End musicals. He’d be great at that. But I give him props for taking on Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, also known as the song every person now in their early 30’s danced to at prom.

Anthony Russell

He sang Eye of the Tiger from Rocky III, also known as the song 40-year-olds like me put on at the gym to get pumped up. This is a perfect song for him. Was it over-the-top? Sure, but how the hell else are you supposed to sing Eye of the Tiger? It’s important to understand HOW to perform each song as well as dealing with the vocals. He does this well.

Shan Ako

Shan is a great singer, however, I don’t know how much longer she’s going to be in the competition. Not because she’s bad but because the competition is heating up and I’m not sure she can hack it. Maybe I’m wrong. She did Never Enough from…The Greatest Showman. Honestly, at this point just do a whole Greatest Showman show. There are so many other musicals out there, guys.


Misunderstood got the lowest amount of votes and was sent home. No big surprise there. Then Acacia and Aaliyah found themselves in the bottom again. The other act fighting for their life was Giovanni Spano, which made me sad. Especially when he lost. I REALLY think it should have been Acacia and Aaliyah but what are you going to do?

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