The Winner Of Season 1 Of ‘The Masked Dancer’ Is…


The finale of the very first season of The Masked Dancer is finally here! The Cotton Candy, The Tulip and The Sloth are all vying to win the show and we of course want to know their celebrity identities. So who took home the crown during the finale episode? Keep reading to find out.

‘The Masked Dancer’ Finale Kicked Off With A Bang

First, the contestants gave some last-minute bonus clues in a new special episode before the final performances. They used shadows to create images with their hands that have a special meaning to them. The Sloth said his dog days are far from over. He put his hands in the shape of a dog. The Cotton Candy said you can count on her fingers to get a clue. She had a bunch of plastic tiny hands attached to her fingers. The Tulip said she has a very special relationship with penguins and put her hands in the shape of a penguin.

The background dancers also gave some last-minute clues. The Cotton Candy fell asleep inside of her costume last week. The Tulip always bites her nails when she is nervous. The background dancer working with The Sloth said he is the biggest star she has ever worked with.


The Tulip, The Cotton Candy and The Sloth all performed in a group number that was full of fun dance moves to start off the show.

Who Is The Tulip?

Clues: In The Tulip’s final clue package, there was a yellow “E” balloon with a mustache on it. She said she is the youngest in a talented family and can sometimes feel overshadowed by the person she looks up to the most. Makeup came down from hooks on the ceiling and the Tulip said she is ready to show she is the queen on the dance floor. There was also a barrel with the word “X Ale” on it.

Performance: The Tulip did a ton of gymnastics moves during this performance and some seriously on-point turns. There was a chess board on the stage along with a kings and queens theme. At the end of the dance, The Tulip sat on a floral throne. Her one-word clue after the performance is “followers.”

Judges Guesses: Ken Jeong thinks that The Tulip is Lucy Hale. Ashley Tisdale feels like it is Mackenzie Ziegler under the mask.

Who Is The Sloth?

Clues: This is The Sloth’s first time dancing with a partner where he gets to be the student. He was walking down Jump Street in the clue package. Normally, he is known as the bad guy but this time he feels like he can be a good example for his baby sloth. He wants to maximize the dancing and win the entire competition.

Performance: This week The Sloth did the jive. The dance had a bowling theme with bowling pins standing on either side of the stage. He also wore a bowling shirt in this high-energy number. The Sloth’s very last one-word clue after the performance is “magical.”

Judges Guesses: Ashley thinks it is Hugh Jackman after the one-word clue. Ken feels like it has to be Channing Tatum.

Who Is The Cotton Candy?

Clues: The Cotton Candy said that she is a champion. She held her hands in a prayer motion. Her training has given her the courage to soar. Being in the finals has lit a fire underneath her. The last shot of the clue package included The Cotton Candy gazing up at a constellation.

Performance: This performance was full of gymnastics moves including hand balancing, flips and handstands. She carried a bunch of balloons across the stage and ended the routine suspended up in the air. Her very last one-word clue is “foundation.”

Judges Guesses: Ken is convinced that it is Michelle Kwan. Brian Austin Green also agrees that it is an ice skater. Ashley thinks it is Simone Biles or Gabby Douglas.


Who Was The First Contestant Eliminated In The Finale?

The first contestant to be shockingly eliminated tonight is The Tulip. This definitely came as a major surprise. The judges got to ask some last minute questions. They found out The Tulip has a reality show past and lives in Los Angeles. She has a TikTok obsession and has been dancing since a young age.

Paula Abdul’s final guess is Liza Koshy. Ken’s final guess is Lucy Hale. Brian’s final guess is Sabrina Carpenter. Ashley stuck to her guess of Mackenzie Ziegler.

And the identity of The Tulip is…dancer and social media star Mackenzie Ziegler. This means Ashley was finally right with a guess.

Who Is The Winner Of ‘The Masked Dancer’?

It all came down to The Sloth and The Cotton Candy but only one of them can win. After the votes, the winner of The Masked Dancer is The Cotton Candy!

This means we get to learn to the identity of The Sloth first. The judges got to ask The Sloth some last-minute questions before the big reveal. They learned that he has hosted a big event and we have seen him with his shirt off before. He has been on the cover of a major magazine and he is older than 35.

Paula is confident that it is Maksim Chmerkovskiy from Dancing With The Stars. Brian also agrees with this guess. Ken is still confident that it is Channing Tatum. Ashley believes it is Hugh Jackman. And The Sloth is…Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

So finally we get to unmask The Cotton Candy. Ken thinks it is Tara Lipinski. Brian thinks it is Michelle Kwan under the mask. Based on the clues, Paula thinks it is Gabby Douglas under the mask. Ashley also feels it is a gymnast but is leaning more towards Simone Biles.


The Cotton Candy was revealed to be Gabby Douglas. Congratulations to Gabby for winning the very first season of The Masked Dancer!


Samantha Agate
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