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‘The Voice’ Cross Battles Continue As The Competition Heats Up

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It’s another night of The Voice cross battles and if anything, tonight just confirmed how competitive this season will be. With so many phenomenal singers, Kelly Clarkson said it best when she emphasized that moving far in this competition will not just be about being a great singer, but having the entire package. Let’s break down tonight’s performances and predict tomorrow’s results (according to our Talent Recap family’s guesses on Instagram!)


LB Crew (Team Adam) vs Jej Vinson (Team Kelly) 

With two four chair turns battling each other, we knew this was going to be a tough choice for America. LB chose to sing Wade in the Water while Jej performed to Versace On the Floor. While Adam and Kelly campaigned for their artists, John and Blake had similar opinions with both favoring LB’s performance. However, according to our Talent Recap family, Jej is going to take the lead tomorrow night and possibly win this battle. We’ll see if it happens! 


Kalvin Jarvis (Team Adam) vs Julian King (Team John) 

Another tough choice that seemed to be nearly split down the middle. Kalvin performed to the song New Rules, while Julian went with the classic Adele song, Hello. Adam told Kalvin that he just became a frontrunner in the competition. Both Kelly and Blake felt as though Kalvin was a bit more in tune with the song, but it looks like this is going to be a hard one to predict because our personal votes are nearly 50/50. 


Carter Horne (Team Blake) vs Jacob Maxwell (Team John) 

That awkward moment when you have to compete directly with your best friend in the competition. With these two artists having similar styles, their coaches pitted them against each other to battle. Performing to Way Down We Go was Carter while Jacob took on You’re Still the One. Neither of the coaches was able to pick a side, but our Talent Recap family did and it looks like the votes are leaning more towards Carter taking the lead on this one.



The Bundys (Team Kelly) vs Andrew Sevener (Team Blake) 

There’s never been a trio on The Voice before, so when it comes to battles, it feels a bit unfair to have three singers battle against one. However, it does add such a unique element to the show as Kelly said. The Bundys performed to The Letter while Adam performed to Modern-Day Bonnie & Clyde. Adam said that Andrew’s voice acted like there were three voices on the stage because of how rich and clear it was. Our votes predict that The Bundys will take the lead tomorrow night, but not by far as it’s early split down the middle. 


Shaun Sounds (Team John) vs Karly Moreno (Team Blake) 

With Shaun performing to Lay Me Down and Karly performing to Down, this duo could not have been more different. The coaches seemed to be split and unable to choose a winner because of how different their styles were, as were our own votes, with Karly and Shaun tying 50/50. 


Kendra Checketts (Team Adam) vs Jimmy Mowery (Team John) 

When Adam challenged John, he thought he was making a great choice until John used one of Adam’s past singers. With Kendra performing to Cold Water and Jimmy performing to Mercy, they had both done an incredible job. Adam congratulated Jimmy for a wonderful performance and spoke about how this puts him in a tough position, however, he felt strong enough about Kendra’s voice to let America know that it is one of the strongest in the competition. The Talent Recap family all agreed that Kendra would take the lead and win tomorrow’s battle.


Rebecca Howell (Team Kelly) vs Beth Griffith-Manley (Team John) 

Performing to Any Man of Mine was Team Kelly’s Rebecca battling with Team John’s Beth who performed I Put A Spell On You. Adam told Rebecca that he felt she was the strongest country singer in the competition which is a huge compliment, and Beth was able to bring a strong performance to the table. The votes seem to be pretty split down the middle with Beth taking a slight lead, so we’ll see who ends up winning this one tomorrow evening. 


Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake) vs Abby Kasch (Team Kelly) 

Gyth performed to Goodbye Time and Abby performed to Cupid’s Got a Shotgun. While both performed incredibly well, Adam and Blake finally came to an agreement on one big prediction and that was that Gyth would end up in the finals. Based on those comments, it seems that he will take the win tomorrow night, but according to our votes, they were nearly split down the middle with Gyth having just a small lead.

So there you have it, your second week of cross-battles! Are you liking the new format? Did any artist surprise you tonight? Let us know in the comments! 

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