‘Idol’ Hopeful Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Sets The Record Straight About His Family

Jill O'Rourke
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Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon’s journey on American Idol has been about more than just his talent as a musician. The 26-year-old shared in his audition that his pastor father wasn’t accepting of his homosexuality.

Jeremiah, who previously worked as a janitor at his father’s church, has since quit that job and moved out of his family’s home. He shared in last night’s Meet Your Finalists special that he’s now working as a music director and voice teacher.


Jeremiah’s Parents Are Coming To The Show

Jeremiah also shared a little more insight into his family situation. Although his family hasn’t been present to support him through much of the competition, his sister Annie met up with him in Disneyland in this week’s episode, after Jeremiah attended her recent wedding.

Jeremiah also shared this his parents will be attending next week’s show.
“They’ve always wanted to be there for my performances, and now they have an opportunity to see it,” he told Hollywood Life. “This is a huge step and I am really excited that we are all on this journey together.”


Jeremiah’s Story Isn’t Exactly How The Show Presents It

Considering his family’s absence and what Jeremiah shared on the show, it would be easy to assume that he and his parents were no longer speaking. However, Jeremiah told Out magazine that the situation is “more nuanced” than American Idol depicts it.

“It’s interesting, the narrative that’s been told so far,” he said, “because the things that I’ve said are that it has been a challenge coming out in a conservative Christian environment, and that my parents don’t accept that part about me, which is true. But I’ve never said that my parents have rejected me, or don’t accept me as me, their son.”


Jeremiah’s Dad Supports His “Idol” Journey

Jeremiah’s father, Pastor Jerry, spoke about their relationship in a local news interview last month. “We have talked about it together, we prayed about it together, and we cried about this together,” he told WMAR Baltimore, saying his son coming out was “hard to accept.”

However, he added that it’s an “outright lie” that the family rejected Jeremiah, saying “the doors of this church are open to everybody.” He shared, “I want everybody to know that I will never turn my back on my son, ever.”

Jeremiah recently posted a selfie with his dad on Instagram which he captioned, “I am here for you and you for me NO MATTER WHAT. Love you Dad.”

It will be interesting to see how the show handles Jeremiah’s story when his parents make an appearance, and if his song choice for the Top 8 will relate to the situation at all.

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