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‘The Voice’ Rivals Kique Gomez, Parijita Bastola Spark Dating Rumors

Kique and Parjita Bastola on 'The Voice', Kique via InstagramPhoto by: Trae Patton/NBC, Kique via Instagram

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The Voice contestants Kique Gomez and Parijita Bastola recently got fans wondering about the real status of their relationship. Upon seeing the two’s latest posts on Instagram, fans speculate that sparks may be flying between the two singers.

Are Kique Gomez and Parijita Bastola Dating?

Joining The Voice is a great yet pressuring experience for every contestant. Consequently, artists seek comfort and support from their families, and most of the time their rivals/besties in the competition.

As two of the youngest singers in the show, it’s no surprise that Kique Gomez and Parijita Bastola would get along. They have another best friend The Voice, Rowan Grace, coming from Team Blake. However, Kique and Parijita’s sweet photos on Instagram have recently gotten fans more curious about their bond.

Apparently, the three spent Thanksgiving together, along with fellow contestant Bodie. Kique recently posted a series of photos on Instagram, reflecting on this year’s holiday.

“It’s a bittersweet thanksgiving this year,” he wrote. “On the sweet side I am so grateful for all the opportunities The Voice has given me. And I’m even more grateful for the incredible people I have met here. I love you all so much.”

While Kique didn’t write anything specific about Parijita, their intimate mirror selfie was among the photos he uploaded. Apparently, this was enough to spark fan interest. Fans quickly commented on the post, saying that they would look good together.

Meanwhile, Parijita also shared a Thanksgiving post where she expressed appreciation for the people who love and support her. They include her coach John Legend, her mother Bira Tiwari, and fellow contestants in The Voice. Parijita highlighted two photos of her and Kique, one where he was kissing her head, and another where he was hugging her from the back.

While these posts may really mean something, nothing is for sure unless Kique and Parijita confirm the dating rumors themselves.

They Have to Fight for the Top Eight Spot in The Voice

As The Voice season 22 returns for another live show, both Kique and Parijita are in the fight to advance to the Semifinals. The Top 10 artists battled against one another for a Fan Week. Basically, they had to perform songs suggested by the show’s viewers.

Unfortunately, Kique wasn’t able to deliver a traditional performance for he tested positive of for Covid 19. Instead, he pre-recorded “Call Out My Name” by The Weeknd which was then aired during the Top 10 episode.

On the other hand, Parijita performed Alessia Cara’s hit “Scars To Your Beautiful.” The rest of the contestants have also delivered their respective performances.

The Voice fans cannot wait to see who goes through to the next round of competition. can vote for the artist that they want to push through the series in the NBC website or the show’s app.

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1 year ago

Kique typically only dates dudes. But he has also said he is bi. So who knows? Could be true…talent finds talent.

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