WATCH: ‘The Voice’ Artists Cover ‘Songland’s Biggest Hits

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We’ve noticed a trend! Many artists from The Voice have been covering big hits from Songland lately. And we are here for it! From past contestant like Mari to Presley Tennant to Kennedy Holmes to Sarah Grace to Lisa Ramey, these covers are all amazing. Plus, they pay homage to NBC’s new songwriting competition show.

Here are some of the Songland covers by artists from The Voice.

“We Need Love”

Two favorites from The Voice covered John Legend’s “We Need Love,” written by Tebby Burrows: Mari and Sarah Grace. Mari made it to the Top 13 on Team Adam last season. Her cover, to a simple piano accompaniment, perfectly encapsulates the emotion of the song. She puts her own little twists on the melody, but stays true to it. And those RUNS!

On the other hand, Sarah Grace lived up to her band’s name and brought the SOUL! Her signature “stank face,” as Kelly Clarkson called it, was out in full force too. She really shows off her control in this cover though, staying soft in the perfect moments to showcase all she can do.

“Hurt Me”

When Meghan Trainor first heard KOLE sing “Hurt Me,” she squealed with excitement. It was perfect for her! But it’s so fun to see The Voice artists Kennedy Holmes and Lisa Ramey cover the song. Kennedy, a finalist on JHud’s team in season 15, brings all the sass of the original. You’ve gotta love the acting with the sunglasses and the stuffed dog. And, as always, her voice is flawless. I found myself dancing along the whole time. Come on, Kennedy! We need a full cover!

Lisa Ramey is a seasoned pro! Her cover of “Hurt Me” is technically perfect, but you can tell she’s having fun with it. How she ad libs over the track is really impressive. Lisa’s acapella background clearly pays off big time in this cover! The full version is available on her YouTube channel.


Last season’s Presley Tennant covered the most popular, chart-topping song from Songland, the Jonas Brothers’ “Greenlight.” The song, written by Able Heart, is also my favorite of anything from the show so far. But that’s beside the point! Presley does the song justice. With a piano backtrack, she hits every note in this broken down cover. She has an impressive softer head voice, but really brings it home in the chorus. What a powerhouse!

Songland will be back with new episodes next week at a new time! The show will air Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.


Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

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