The Jonas Brothers Come to ‘Songland’ For Their Next Hit: Episode 4 Recap

Kyle Montplaisir
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This week on Songland, the Jonas Brothers are looking for their next song! Fresh off a chart-topping album, they hope to add another single to their list of hits.

Here’s what happened on episode 4 of Songland!

Able Heart

Able Heart is from Los Angeles. He was on track to head to the Olympics for skateboarding and snowboarding, but had a career-ending back injury. When he lost everything, he was in a dark place. That led him to begin songwriting and completely turned his life around.

His song is called “Greenlight,” which talks about doing what you love with someone you love. It is the perfect vibe and beat. Plus, the lyrics are right up the Jonas Brothers’ alley. Able mixed, produced, and wrote this entire song. And when he performed it, that’s when he really shined. You can tell all the mentors are impressed! Able eventually gets paired with Ester Dean. The pairing could not be more perfect.


Next up was Remmi from Pollock, Louisiana. She grew up in the church but loved listening to pop music, even though she wasn’t allowed to. She recalls sneaking away after services to listen to top 40 radio.

Remmi’s song is called “Flickering.” It’s more of a slow jam than the previous one, but it’s got a nice flow. The lyrics are really what stand out here! It’s pop without being too generic. The Jonas Brothers say it’s a “beautiful song” with an “anthem vibe.” And the mentors say they could hear the band recording it! Remmi ends up working with Ryan Tedder, which is a huge advantage for her, considering he wrote half the Jonas Brothers’ new album.


Ori has loved to write songs since he was a kid. Which seems like that was about a year or two ago but that’s beside the point. He is 18 years old! His song is called “No Pressure” and it’s about a no-strings-attached relationship where someone changes their mind. His performance was energetic and great and I especially loved the chorus! Shane questions the lyrics and he and Ryan go back-and-forth with it. When Nick Jonas adds a beat, it sounds a lot better! But unfortunately, Ori did not get chosen to work with a mentor.


Rynn is a singer-songwriter from Canton, Ohio. She moved to Los Angeles after graduating college from Belmont University in hopes of accomplishing her dream of working in pop music.

Her song is called “Crowded Places.” Living in LA, she is constantly missing people who don’t live there. This song is about that feeling. I think I like “Crowded Places,” but Rynn didn’t have the strongest voice. Shane McAnally complimented how it made him feel that feeling she was conveying. And she got paired with Shane to produce her song!

Rynn (with Shane McAnally)

Shane starts by saying that the lyrics are his focus. He loves the melody but the song needs to tell a better story for the Jonas Brothers. They work on developing that storyline, making it more emotional. And with Shane’s expertise in lyrics, it’s sounding much more like the band! Plus, the message comes across clearly this time around.

When she performed it for a second time, I loved the chorus, but the verses didn’t hit the same. Overall though, the song was amazing! And a huge improvement from the original. This seemed more like the Jonas Brothers. You could actually hear them singing it now!

Able Heart (with Ester Dean)

Ester wants to structure “Greenlight” for each person to sing, making it fitting for the group. So Kevin would sing the lower parts and Nick would use his falsetto, but they’d also allow opportunities for each to shine. She also encourages Able because he is “incredible.” Well duh! Able is going to be huge, no matter what happens here.

His second performance of the song was even more epic than the first. And I already thought he was the front-runner! Ester looks like a proud mom during the whole thing. You can also tell by the look on the Jonas Brothers’ faces that they love it. The mentors all loved the newly produced melody and beat. Nick himself says he feels like this is a hit!

Remmi (with Ryan Tedder)

Ryan wants the song to be more edgy so it resonates better. He also changes the song title to “Do You Think of Me?” He says that it’s more up the Jonas Brothers’ alley. And since he’s the executive producer of their album, he would know! They add harmonies to the original version too to make it richer. This version is much more similar to what the Jonas Brothers are releasing.

She starts her performance with the chorus, which is a smart move. It has so much energy and power right from the beginning! Then when she gets into the verses, it hits differently. I love the new question they’re posing too. Kevin says it “connects lyrically” with their lives, making it a powerful song.

The Jonas Brothers Pick a Winner

At the end, the Jonas Brothers had to pick a winner. And to no one’s surprise, they went with Able Heart’s “Greenlight.” As Nick said earlier in the episode, this is a HIT! He was my favorite from the beginning and working with Ester only improved the song.

“Greenlight” is available now everywhere you listen to music! Tune in to Songland again next week at 10/9c on NBC. Meghan Trainor will be the featured artist!

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