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The Sacred Riana Terrifies Howie Mandel in ‘AGT: All-Stars’ Early Release

The Sacred Riana on 'America's Got Talent All-Stars'Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

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America’s Got Talent: All-Stars has shared an early release performance from Monday’s new episode, featuring the Sacred Riana. In case you don’t remember her, Riana reached the Quarterfinals of AGT Season 13 with her terrifying magic act.

The Sacred Riana Terrifies the AGT: All-Stars Judges

Riana is known for staying in character and rarely speaking, and she kept it up for her latest performance on All-Stars. The performer started things off by having the judges choose scraps of paper from a box. She then tried to match them up to a torn photograph.

Mandel’s piece matched the photo. Riana then made the photograph disappear from the frame, causing the audience to gasp. She then pointed to the stage, where a figure seemed to rise up from underneath a cloth on the table.

Riana brought Mandel on stage with her and told him to sit in a large chair. She then stabbed the photo with a knife, and Mandel said he felt “like he got stabbed in the back.” Riana went on to burn the photo and smear the ashes on a board. They ended up spelling “Howie.”

The performance ended with Mandel going back to his chair to find a note reading, “I’m coming for you, Howie!!!” The lights on the stage went out, and Riana disappeared. Heidi Klum wondered, “Is everyone as confused as I am?”



Will Riana Ever Return to the Stage?

After Riana disappeared from the stage, the judges weren’t sure if the act was over or not. Usually, they would share their thoughts with the performer afterward, but there was no one there to talk to. They sat there for a minute wondering what to do.

Meanwhile, Mandel was freaked out by what just happened. He said he “would like to get the judging out of the way, so that I can leave.” He added, “I really, legitimately, I’m not kidding. I’m telling you that I’m terrified.” When Simon Cowell asked why he was terrified, Mandel replied, “Read the note!”

Eventually, the judges decided to just move on, since Riana didn’t seem to be returning. The clip ended with a creepy shot of Riana watching them from off stage before disappearing.

Find out if the Superfans voted Riana into the Finals when AGT: All-Stars returns Monday night at 8/7c on NBC.

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