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‘The Masked Singer’: Second Wildcard Contestant Puts On SHOWSTOPPING Performance!


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The Masked Singer contestants are not playing around this season with their incredible performances. This week, we got to see another Wildcard take the stage and blow the judges away. Keep reading to find out which celebrity was unmasked during tonight’s episode! Hint: You will be totally shocked.


Who Is Grandpa Monster?

Clues: Grandpa Monster has always hated the sound of his singing voice. He once was a castaway left without food, water and shelter. In the clue package, there was a cute Boxer dog. Grandpa Monster waved goodbye to an airplane. There was a yellow toy car and a Santa hat. He said that not even The Piglet can stand in his way. The last clue was a pair of headphones.

Performance: He ripped up a picture of The Piglet before he began singing “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett. This was a high-energy performance and Grandpa Monster really knew how to work the stage. This week, the contestants revealed their first crushes to give a bit more insight into their lives. Grandpa Monsters’ first crush was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Judges Guesses: Ken Jeong thinks it is actor and comedian Kevin Hart under the mask. Robin Thicke thinks it’s actor Jack Black. Nicole Scherzinger thinks it is YouTuber Jake Paul.


Who Is The Piglet?

Clues: The Piglet made a lot of football and sports references in the clue package. He was a hometown hero. He also said that he has had a lifetime of competition but he never throws in the towel. The Piglet ran around with a football in the clue package and referenced Friday Night Lights.

Performance: The Piglet performed “Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)” by Andy Grammer. The stage had a carnival theme with colorful balloons all over. After the performance, The Piglet revealed that his first crush was Meg Ryan.

Judges Clues: Ken thinks it is JC Chasez from NSYNC. Nicole guessed that it could be singer Austin Mahone. Jenny McCarthy and Robin both think it could be singer Jordan Knight. But, she also thinks it could be Jordan’s brother Jonathan Knight.



Who Is The Black Swan?

Clues: The Black Swan thanked the person who brought her life. They had a bit of a strained relationship so she thought it was best to let that person go. She compared their up-and-down relationship to a balancing scale. But then she realized she needed to let them back into her life. There was a penny and a nickel facing each other in the clue package. The Black Swan was writing a letter in the clue package with a feather quill.

Performance: The Black Swan performed “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes. The judges loved her vocals and powerful voice. She revealed that her first crush was singer D’Angelo.

Judges Guesses: Nicole guessed it could be singer Demi Lovato. Ken was shamed for guessing Lindsay Lohan whom the judges guess incorrectly every single season. Robin thinks it is singer Ashlee Simpson.



Who Is The Chameleon?

Clues: The Chameleon likes to embrace what makes him unique. There were peach designs on a tiny taxi cab in the clue package. There was also a cheese wedge and a graduation cap in the clue package along with a measuring tape. Someone was taken from him at a young age. Now he honors her memory by fighting for those who do not feel accepted. The Chameleon painted a piece of art in the clue package.

Performance: The Chameleon performed “21 Questions” by 50 Cent and Nate Dogg. The judges described his performance as “such a vibe.” His first crush when he was younger was Salma Hayek.

Judges Guesses: Ken thinks it is NBA player Iman Shumpert. Nicole thinks it is Dwayne Wade because he is into fashion. Jenny has a feeling it is rapper 2 Chainz.



Who Is The Crab?

This weeks special Wildcard is The Crab.

Clues: The Crab dreamed of being a star all of his life. He felt like a king crab because everyone wanted to be like him when he rose to fame. But eventually, tragedy struck and he now has darkness following his family. The clue package was sea-themed. In the clue package, his hands were being wrapped like a boxer. A calculator said “2+3” on it. A broken mirror flashed on the screen before a portrait of The Mona Lisa.

Performance: The Crab performed a very stripped-down version of “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers. Everyone was blown away by this performance and applauded him for coming in as the Wildcard. He revealed that his first crush was Janet Jackson. They grew up together on Good Times.

Judges Guesses: Ken thinks it is singer Bobby Brown. Robin feels like it could be Johnny Gill because of the fish clues.


Who Was Unmasked On ‘The Masked Singer’ Tonight?

After the judging panel and fans at home voted for their favorite performer, the performer with the least amount of votes was Grandpa Monster. He fell to the ground after learning he was eliminated from The Masked Singer.

Robin stuck with his first impression guess of football player Johnny Manziel. Jenny went back to her guess of WWE wrestler The Miz. Ken was genuinely convinced it was Kevin Hart. Nicole felt like it is someone who has a bad reputation like Jake Paul.

And Grandpa Monster was revealed to be…Logan Paul! Nicole was so close with her guess this time. Logan made the cameramen zoom in on his face so he could tell the audience he is not his brother Jake Paul. The judges applauded him for using his personality to the fullest during his performances. Were you shocked by this big reveal?

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