‘Game Of Talents’ Performer Does THIS With Her Hair

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Game of Talents returned Wednesday night on FOX. The show, hosted by Wayne Brady, features several performers whose talents are a mystery to the contestants.

Tonight’s teams were friends CJ and Jeremiah, as well as ABBA tribute band members Marie Claire and Julianne. They were tasked with guessing the talents of various guests.

They were given several talents to choose from, but only six out of seven were actual talents featured during the show. Tonight’s episode featured a performer who did something unique with her hair.

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This performer said his friends call him Gio, and he loves soccer. Wayne presented a clue package showing a fake school picture day. CJ and Jeremiah guessed that Giovanni was an electric puppeteer.


Giovanni then showed off his talent as a violinist, meaning they were wrong. Their $10,000 went to Marie Claire and Julianne. Giovanni said he’s been playing violin since he was three years old.


This performer said he is a certified scuba diver. The clue package featured fake graffiti street art. Marie Claire and Julianne guessed that Claudius was a snake whisperer.

Claudius then showed off his talent as a snake whisperer, meaning they were right. Marie Claire and Julianne got another $10,000 added to their total. Claudius called himself the “Snake Father.”


This performer said she loves traveling and theme parks. The clue package showed Samantha’s sister talking about her. CJ and Jeremiah guessed that Samantha was a magician.

Samantha then showed off her talent as a hair hanging artist, meaning they were wrong. Marie Claire and Julianne received their $15,000. Samantha said she’s a professional circus performer.


This performer said he’s one of eleven children. The clue package featured a monster claw machine. Marie Claire and Julianne guessed he was a baton twirler.


Mark then showed off his talent as a baton twirler, meaning they were right. Marie Claire and Julianne got $15,000, taking their total to $50,000. Mark performed with his daughters during the show.


This 14-year-old performer said she loves playing basketball with her dad. The clue package showed a white board with various words. Marie Claire and Julianne were the first team to lock in foot archer as their guess.

They turned out to be correct, as Bella shot an arrow using her feet. Marie Claire and Julianne added $60,000 to their score, which became $110,000. CJ and Jeremiah were eliminated from the game.


This performer said he lives with his wife and dog. Marie Claire and Julianne had the opportunity to double their money. The only two talents left were magician and electric puppeteer.

The clues included a fake weather report. Marie Claire and Julianne decided to play, guessing that Ian was an electric puppeteer. Ian then showed off his talent as exactly that, meaning the women won $220,000.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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