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THIS Famous YouTuber Might Be on ‘The Masked Singer’…Do You Agree?

Masked-Singer-YouTuber-Jake-Logan-PaulMichael Becker/FOX

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Over the course of five seasons, The Masked Singer has proven that no celebrity is too controversial to be on the show. But FOX just may be pushing the envelope this season with speculation that either Jake Paul or Logan Paul could be under the Grandpa Monster mask.

But is one of the famous YouTube brothers actually on the show? Let’s investigate the clues and see how they line up.

First clues and performance for Grandpa Monster on The Masked Singer…is it Jake Paul or Logan Paul?

Grandpa Monster Clues

Grandpa Monster’s clues pointed to an athlete with a troubled past. This has lead a lot of predictions that he could be Baker Mayfield, Johnny Manziel, or Jay Cutler. In his clues, Granpa Monster said, “reflecting on my long life, I can’t believe the troublemaking fool I was as a youngster.” We saw a flashback of Grandpa Monster karate chopping a dictionary at school. He was “always acting out to get all eyes” on him. In the classroom, there was a chalkboard with a “6” written on it in what looks like a football play, made of X’s and O’s.


He went on to say that a teacher made him see he was “smarter than the character [he] was playing.” His teacher held up a test with “97%” circled on it. Grandpa Monster then decided to become a star pupil. A shooting star landed on a spider web (can someone say “web star”?). A 6.2 ton kettlebell weight is also shown. Grandpa Monster mentions he’s “still working on shaking [his] bad reputation.” He says “when this old monster takes his mask off, I hope you’re not afraid of who I was a long time ago.”

Grandpa Monster Performance

Singing “Mambo No. 5” by Lou Bega in his first performance, we have to admit that his voice could be Logan Paul’s voice. I mean, compare it with this video of him singing! And the energy and everything matches someone younger too, despite the Grandpa Monster costume. The brothers are definitely goofy enough to pull these antics and dancing!

Rich Fury/Getty Images Logan Paul and Jake Paul attend the Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collection Launch Party at Hollywood Palladium on May 08, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Is Grandpa Monster on The Masked Singer Jake Paul or Logan Paul?

To put it simply, the clues are all pointing this direction. Here’s how everything lines up! First, Cluedle-doo’s clue saying Grandpa Monster “has trained for battle before” could be talking about how Jake/Logan Paul is now a boxer. When Grandpa Monster talks about being a “troublemaking fool as a youngster,” that definitely fits too. Both Jake and Logan have had their fair share of controversy. The two brothers also both played football growing up, which explains the six written like a football play. And that “6” could be referring to 6-second videos on Vine, where the brothers became famous.


Jake and Logan have both done acting, so that explains the “acting out clip” and at one point we could hear what sounded like a sound effect from the Nickelodeon show Figure It Out. If that’s true, then that could be pointing to Jake Paul’s show Bizaardvark. The “97%” could be a nod to the year Jake was born. When a shooting star hit a spider web, that’s an obvious reference to them being web stars. The “6.2” on the kettlebell could also be alluding to their heights, or their careers as cruiserweight boxers now.

Do you agree that Jake Paul or Logan Paul could be the Grandpa Monster on The Masked Singer? Stay tuned on our YouTube channel for more predictions!

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