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‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: All-Time-Countdown Shares New Wildcard

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This special night of The Masked Singer history featured brand new clues and never-before-seen highlights from some of the greatest contestants ever seen on the show. The episode had a Top 10 of the best performances ever, along with new clues and secrets from the current sixth season. They even announced the last wildcard of season six, Beach Ball!

Throughout the Top 10 countdown, we saw some of our favorite previous celebrities from The Masked Singer. The artists included Donny Osmond, Jesse McCartney, Omarion, Leann Rimes, and others. This was such a fun episode because of this great reunion. It was fun to jump into the past while learning about the present season of the show.

Within this episode Miss Masky finally came out to play. She first spoke to host Nick Cannon about who she is and what her purpose is. She also cleared rumors about her relationship to panelist Jenny McCarthy. As fans of The Masked Singer remember from last season, Cluedle Doo was actually McCarthy’s husband Donnie Wahlberg. Throughout the episode, Miss Masky gave extra clues for this season’s contestants.

What Other Clues Were Given Tonight?

The judges have tirelessly guessed that this season’s Caterpillar is part of a boy band. This upcoming week, Caterpillar will perform a one person show to a group number. Within the clue package, they admitted that they turned down the option to be on Dancing With the Stars. The celebrity was seen saying they could barely dance in the outfit, so dance is definitely something they’re passionate about. Miss Masky’s clue was a boombox.

Ever since Pepper‘s first performance this season, we’ve been absolutely obsessed. In her clue package, she admitted that she and Bull used to flirt. Now, she’s more interested in keeping her competitive fire and pouring it into an emotional stylish ballad. Miss Masky’s clue was a tea cup.

Queen of Hearts took our heart after singing in French in her last performance. Her clue package began with a simple Bonjour, then went into how it takes a kingdom of people to get her anywhere. Miss Masky’s clue for the singer was an ice cube tray.

Mallard is the celebrity that has boggled the minds of many. He thinks the judges are his cheerleaders and can’t wait to perform a country song for them in his next performance. Miss Masky’s clue was a pair of hair clippers. From there we went on to Bull who we now know has flirted with Pepper. We didn’t learn too much about this celebrity other than the fact that he enjoys a good roundhouse kick every once in a while.

The Fun Continues on The Masked Singer

We learned about the terrifying new costume, Jester. Although I’m personally freaked out by it, the celebrity behind the mask wants to do anything for a smile. Their extra hint during this episode was a plastic shark.

Our season’s only duo, Banana Split admitted that they will never desert each other, even though Banana is the diva of the group. They almost disagreed to the show, but they’re happy they did it. Their extra clue was a surfboard.

Last but not least we saw Skunk, who admitted she’s more of a tomboy in person. Skunk has already taken our hearts, but is excited to perform an iconic love song for their next performance. Their extra clue was an iron.

Just when we thought the fun was over, the show shared a new wildcard. We got to see the behind the scenes process that went into the creation of Beach Ball’s intricate outfit. The only clue we’ve gotten from this celebrity so far is that their name matches “beach ball” perfectly. Do we have someone named Wilson in the house?

Time will tell who this wildcard is. I can’t wait to see them perform!

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Cortney Kuvasz
Cortney Kuvasz
2 years ago

What if JENNY MCARTHY Pressed Take It Off Buzzer wrong answer and that means Nick Cannon will take  FIRST IMPRESSION GUESS 2 GOLDEN EARS AWAY! LOL

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