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‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals Celebrity Guest Performers, Huge Secrets About Season 6

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The Masked Singer Season 6 is all about keeping things super secretive. The show’s official podcast on iHeartRadio is just the opposite. Each week, Season 3 contestant Bow Wow joins producer Brian Strickland to dish on new spoilers. This week, they shared all of the celebrity performers who will take the stage with the Season 6 contestants and secrets about the standout singers.

‘The Masked Singer’ Season 6 Has Some Big Surprises in Store

“Jesse McCartney is going to come back to perform with one of our singers, as is Robin and Nicole who are performing with one of our singers for the first time ever,” Brian said. “Six seasons it took us to get Robin and Nicole on stage singing. And this is an exclusive coming to of nowhere, the legendary Michael Bolton.”

Brian went on to say that these special performances will happen way later in the season. Expect to see the celebrity guest performers pop up closer to the finale or during the finale. Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke have a lot of work cut out for them guessing the contestants’ identities along with Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy. Viewers at home have been getting new clues and hints from Miss Masky, a mysterious Season 6 figure.

Brian hinted that Miss Masky will “show off” around the seventh episode. He called her the “female Cluedle-Doo.” Cluedle-Doo wreaked havoc on the competition last season, interrupting clue packages and popping in when everyone least expected it. It turned out to be McCarthy’s husband, Donnie Wahlberg. Miss Masky must be someone who also has a big connection to The Masked Singer universe.


“I would really pay attention to her and the clues and the hints because she’s only giving those to the fans at home,” Brian said. “The panel is not privy to these clues that she’s giving out. And, they’re really really revealing clues so I would pay attention to her.”

New Clues For Some of the Standout Performers Were Revealed

One of the performers that threw the judges for a loop was Cupcake. Bow Wow wanted to know who Cupcake was used to sharing the spotlight with. Brian and Bow Wow both referred to Cupcake as “she” during the podcast. This might be a clue that Cupcake is a female singer after all. Many fans thought it was Billy Porter under the mask but the judges went in a different direction with their guesses. They threw out names like Tina Turner, Roberta Flack, and Leslie Jones.

“Cupcake has worked with everyone, all the greats,” Brian shared. “She has recorded and performed with the likes of Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, and Lionel Richie. This is no joke.”

Another huge spoiler that Brian revealed is that one of the contestant’s costumes is a dead giveaway to their identity. Queen of Hearts is the best guess. The dimensions of the costume look like a gemstone, raising suspicions that Jewel is under the mask. Brian also touched on one clue in Mallard’s clue package that will come into play later on in the season. A photo of Chris Pratt was featured as a clue.

“I will say the best friends with Chris Pratt is a key clue that everyone fixates on,” Brian said. “It will come to play later on particularly with Ken because maybe it was somebody that was in Guardians of the Galaxy with Chris Pratt or Parks and Rec.”

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