The Best Coach Duets in ‘The Voice’ Season 21 Finale Ranked

Corey Cesare
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The Voice‘s two-hour finale was filled with many great performances, including some from the Top 5 contestants and their coaches! After voting had concluded, the singers left standing were able to duet with their coach from the season live on stage.

Coach duets are always my favorite part of the series. It’s great to see the coaches collaborating with their mentees. We’ve seen some amazing duets between the singers, but these are the performances I truly always look forward to. Here at the Top 5’s coach duets ranked by which were the best.

5. Wendy Moten and Blake Shelton

This duet lacked in a lot of ways for me. I felt like this song was out of range for Wendy, and she deserved better. I loved her this season, but she just doesn’t have Christina Aguilera’s voice. I felt they chose a song that Blake Shelton would want to sing, over what was best for Wendy. She gave so many great performances this season that it felt wrong for her to give a below average performance in the second part of the finale.

4. Girl Named Tom and Kelly Clarkson

I really wanted to love this performance, but I couldn’t. The set was really cool, but I felt weird hearing Kelly Clarkson singing with the Liechty siblings. Since they’re a group known for their harmonization, it felt wrong having another voice.

I love Clarkson, but I think she seriously outshined her trio in this song. When they were all singing together, Bekah’s voice would get washed out by Clarkson. In all, I didn’t mind Caleb and Joshua singing, it just felt odd that they weren’t holding instruments. The latest winners of the hit show should definitely stick to being a three-person team.

3. Jershika and John Legend

This show has done Jershika wrong multiple times. This girl has had the most difficult time and they handed her a Christmas song in the finale. I’ve disagreed with a lot of John Legend’s song choices this season, but this is the worst yet. Jershika, I love you, you deserved so much more than this, which is why I ranked this performance so high. You’re a star and deserve to be treated like one.

So many of the guest performers were singing Christmas tunes last night, so I felt like this performance was easily forgotten. Most people will remember Legend singing “Hallelujah” with Carrie Underwood, because it was with the queen of country. Unfortunately, I think this performance was swept under the rug because, although Jershika is a Top 5 member, she’s not celebrity status (yet). I would’ve preferred something more upbeat and fun so Jershikia could really shine.

2. Paris Winningham and Blake Shelton

This duet was totally different than Shelton’s duet with Wendy. This song was amazing for Paris. This was one of the only coach duets where I felt the singer wasn’t overshadowed by their coach. I love that Paris was able to push his coach out of the country genre for this performance. Did it feel wrong for Blake Shelton to sing an R&B song? Totally, but it was still one of the best performances of the night.

1. Hailey Mia and Kelly Clarkson

Hailey Mia and Clarkson are both queens in their own way, so I knew they would kill this performance. This song redeemed Hailey after her not-so-great performance of “deja vu” in the first part of the finale for me. I see Clarkson and Hailey as very similar performers. I’ve felt like Clarkson understood Hailey throughout the competition because she had a similar experience in a show at a young age, so I wasn’t surprised with how well they clicked.

It was great to see their dynamic on stage. I think that they were able to harmonize perfectly. I loved every second of this duet and I’m really hoping they release an original song together in the future.

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