The Angriest Teen Contestants Who Fought with Talent Show Judges

Jill O'Rourke
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Teens audition for talent shows all the time, and most of them get along with the judges just fine. However, there have been a few especially angry young contestants over the years on shows like Got Talent, American Idol, and X Factor, some of whom fought with the panel.

Angriest Teen Contestants on Talent Shows

1. Singing Souls

In 2009, this girl group auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. They first gave judge Simon Cowell attitude when he misheard their name as “Singing Trolls.” Cowell went on to buzz the act after just a few seconds. When the other judges joined him, the group’s leader said, “You wanna come up here and sing, Simon?” When Amanda Holden said she’s “grounded,” she responded, “Bite me!”

2. Chloe Victoria

This 19-year-old auditioned for The X Factor UK in 2010 and admitted she had no singing experience. Cowell stopped her during her first song and asked her to sing something else. When he stopped her again, she started arguing with him and the other judges. When the audience booed her, she started shouting at them, too. Shockingly, Cowell still gave her a “yes,” along with Nicole Scherzinger.

3. George Gerasimou

In 2011, this 19-year-old returned to The X Factor two years after auditioning as part of a group. In his first audition, he got angry and threw the microphone on the ground. His second time, he promised to be more mature. However, when the judges stopped him, he became annoyed. George talked back to the panel and gave them the finger as he was escorted off stage.


4. Ablisa

These two best friends auditioned for The X Factor in 2010, and Lisa started talking back to the audience before they even started performing. This frustrated Abbey, who walked off stage. They returned to sing, and Lisa immediately got confrontational with the judges. Abbey took issue with this and ended up punching Lisa in the face, shocking the judges.

5. Mary Roach

In 2005, this young singer auditioned for American Idol, singing “I Feel the Earth Move” and showing off some interesting dance moves. When Cowell criticized her voice, she rambled on about how the judges looked different in person. After walking out of the audition, Mary got angry and talked to the camera about how she was going to quit singing. She ended up telling Cowell “f*ck you” and giving the finger.

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