The 8 Funniest Comedians on ‘AGT’ and ‘BGT’ 2022

Jill O'Rourke
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America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent have both featured some hilarious comedians this year. Let’s take a look at eight of the funniest examples who made the judges laugh out loud during their auditions.

The Funniest AGT and BGT Comedians in 2022

1. Eva Abley, BGT

This 14-year-old comedian got honest about living with cerebral palsy in her BGT audition, joking, “If it’s easier, wait until you get home and rewatch me with the subtitles on.” The judges loved her routine, with Amanda Holden complimenting her timing and saying she was “completely entertained.” Eva placed fifth during Series 15.

2. Mike E. Winfield, AGT

This comedian on AGT Season 17 had the judges laughing as soon as he stepped out, saying he was “like 20s to like 30s and stuff.” Mike went on to joke about being married to an older woman and having a stepson around his age. The audience loved the act, and judge Sofia Vergara complimented his energy and style.

3. Mr. Pants, AGT

This comedian might have been the most surprising act of the Season 17 auditions. He came out dressed as a pair of pants and said he’s from Brooklyn, New York. All of his jokes had to do with being a pair of pants, including plenty of puns. He joked, “My wife and I are poly. That’s polyester.” Judges Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara gave him a standing ovation.

4. Jordan Conley, AGT

This comedian joked about coming from a military family, sharing that his parents met in the Marine Corps. He quipped that if he was captured as a prisoner of war, he would tell “my secrets, your secrets, and Victoria’s secrets.” He also did a hilarious impression of his mom when she was angry. Simon Cowell called him “naturally funny.”

5. Axel Blake, BGT

This comedian made the judges laugh with his jokes about public transportation and welcoming a baby during the pandemic. The entire panel gave him a standing ovation, with David Walliams calling him a “comedy superstar.” Axel earned the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell and went on to win the entire competition.

6. Aiko Tanaka, AGT

This comedian from Japan works as a translator, joking that “when I screw up, I’m the only person who knows about it.” She shared that she recently got American citizenship and developed road rage. The AGT judges gave Aiko a standing ovation, with Howie Mandel predicting that her “career is about to skyrocket.”

7. Lace Larrabee, AGT

This comedian joked about her mom hinting that she wants grandchildren and shared that she used to do pageants. As she explained, “As soon as you have, like, opinions and cellulite, they’re like, ‘Get out of here!'” Vergara was so engaged, she asked Lace a question during the set. Lace didn’t miss a beat and continued without a hitch.

8. Stefano Paolini, BGT

The audience wasn’t so sure about this comedian at first, but he soon won them over with his impressions and accents. He impersonated The Simpsons characters and shared what they sound like dubbed in Italian. Stefano ended up getting a standing ovation and making it to the Semifinals of BGT Series 15. Cowell called it a “brilliant audition,” and Alesha Dixon sad she was “ugly laughing.”

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