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Terry Crews Says He Always Knew He’d Host ‘America’s Got Talent’

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Apparently, Terry Crews has a pretty high success rate in visualizing the look of his future. Recently, Crews shared how he manifested his way to hosting America’s Got Talent.

Terry Crews Manifested his AGT Hosting Job

In his latest appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Terry Crews talked about his fixation in art and sports. Growing up in Michigan, Crews said that art students and football players in his school used to judge him for entertaining both of his talents. Despite so, he refused to surrender either one of them.

“I’m never giving up any of these. I want to be an artist and I want to be an athlete,” he said. “I design furniture, I play the flute, I do so many things, you gotta understand.”

Crews said that there were people who advised him to give up on some of his dreams, but he knew better. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor recalled envisioning his future with his wife during their past hamburger date. Along their conversation, Crews manifested playing in the National Football League (NFL), going to Los Angeles, California, and making movies.

Years later, the stars seemed to have aligned with him.

“This is the thing, I host AGT which is the world’s biggest talent show, but what people don’t know, is that I hosted my high school talent show,” he said. “And because I always knew, I always saw everything I’m doing right now, I already saw it.”

At present, Terry Crews navigates a colorful career. He has played as a defensive end and linebacker in the NFL and participated in at least 48 films. In 2023, he will host AGT All-Stars.

He Talks About his First Graphic Novel

Crews has enjoyed drawing since he was five years old. As a kid, the AGT host was not able to watch as many movies as he wants. Thus, as a way to comfort himself, he draws characters in movies that he wished to see. According to Crews, he mostly sketched superheroes and other science fiction stuff, from Spider-Man to X-Men.

Luckily today, he gets to create his own characters. In the interview, Crews also opened about his first ever graphic novel, Terry’s Crew. He co-wrote this book with Cory Thomas, specifically targeting kids aged 9 to 12.

Essentially, this book delves into his childhood where he dreams on becoming a multihyphenate. In this comic, Crews tries to retell his adolescence while teaching kids to reach their ambitions.

Terry’s Crew will officially be available in the market on November 8. As of now, fans can pre-order the novel in multiple book selling sites.

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