25 ‘Got Talent’ Alumni We Hope to See on ‘AGT All-Stars’

Corey Cesare
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Josh Blue, Laura Bretan, Dustin's Dojo audition for 'America's Got Talent''America's Got Talent'

America’s Got Talent‘s newest spin off, AGT All-Stars has officially begun filming. Here’s 25 Got Talent contestants we hope to see on the first season.

Got Talent Alum We Hope to See on AGT All-Stars

1. Peter Rosalita

This singer originally auditioned for America’s Got Talent in 2021 at only ten years old. He definitely a fan favorite on season 16, so we hope to see him return to the show.

2. Dustin’s Dojo

We are dying to see the first ever Golden Buzzer recipient return to the stage. Hopefully the judges understand that it would be iconic if Dustin’s Dojo got yet another Golden Buzzer.

3. Emanne Beasha

At only ten years old, Emanne Beasha took the America’s Got Talent stage and impressed with her opera singing in 2019. Now that she’s released music of her own, we’d love to see her return.

4. Zucaraoh

We hope to finally see the return of Tyra Banks’s most popular Golden Buzzer recipient Zucaraoh this year. The group previously admitted that they declined the offer to be apart of AGT: The Champions.

5. Laura Bretan

13 year old Laura Bretan impressed the AGT and Romania’s Got Talent judges in 2016. This singer has been hard at work since her time on Got Talent, so we hope to see her return.

6. Brandon Leake

Uplifting spoken word artist Brandon Leake has accomplished many things since winning America’s Got Talent in 2020. Since he’s been hard at work, we’d love to hear his newest work.

7. Emil and Dariel Brothers

Cellist duo Emil and Dariel took the America’s Got Talent stage in 2014, but eventually were eliminated in the Top 12 by Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Mel B, and Howie Mandel. Since this series features more fan favorite acts, we’re hoping to see them strive for redemption.

8. Bello Sisters

The iconic Bello Sisters truly do not need an introduction, this acrobat trio has been on six different Got Talent series! This girl group practically confirmed their involvement on the series by sharing a photo of them on a camera, in the outfits they were seen on AGT wearing. We can’t wait to see their return.

9. Josh Blue

This fan favorite comedian initially finished in third, following his run on AGT 2021. Many believed that Josh Blue was going to be the first comedian to win the series.

10. Aidan Bryant

Aidan Bryant was 16 years old at the time of his miraculous AGT audition. Throughout each week of the competition his skills clearly improved. His heightened skills landed him in second place of the season.

11. Loren Allred

Many were shocked to see the actual singer behind “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman take the stage on Britain’s Got Talent series 15. Loren Allred truly made a mark on the series and became known for her beautiful voice.

12. Axel Blake

Britain’s Got Talent winner Axel Blake is ready to be the first comedian ever to win America’s Got Talent. Many believe that he will be involved in the series, since he was seen sharing Instagram Stories in Los Angeles.

13. Jamie Leahey

You’ve see Darci Lynne Farmer, but have you seen Jamie Leahey? This kid ventriloquist/comedian is sure to make you die of laughter.

14. Celia Muñoz

America’s Got Talent season 17 fan favorite and Spain’s Got Talent season 6 winner Celia Muñoz is ready to go for the gold, again. Even though her AGT season just concluded, I could see her returning for redemption.

15. Blade 2 Blade

This unique knife throwing act premiered a new twist on the skill on both Spain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent. Although their seasons weren’t too long ago, I could see them returning based on uniqueness.

16. Alan Silva

This acrobat made waves on America’s Got Talent and has recently appeared on the newest season of Spain’s Got Talent. Since his brother Alfredo Silva, won his first Got Talent series this year, it’s only right for Alan to also.

17. Dúo Turkeev

This family acrobat act is truly like none other. The group, hailing from Spain, could truly bring something brand new to America’s Got Talent.

18. The Mayyas

Although The Mayyas recently won America’s Got Talent, I wouldn’t be surprised if they came back for All-Stars. Aside from AGT, the group has won Arab’s Got Talent and competed on BGT: The Champions.

19. The Rybka Twins

You know Sofie Dossi, but have you met The Rybka Twins? These seriously flexible sisters have the potential to excel on AGT in the same way as Dossi.

20. Mitch Tambo

Mitch Tambo is by far, one of the most unique singers I’ve ever heard. He tributes his indigenous heritage by singing traditionally. His voice is truly one like none other.

21. BAD Salsa

Sonali Majumder and Sumanth Maroju hailed as the winners of India’s Got Talent season four and later appeared on America’s Got Talent. This duo was truly outstanding, but had the unfortunate COVID season of AGT, so they deserve another chance.

22. Flintz and T4ylor

If you watched the Britain’s Got Talent finale, you’d understand that Flintz and T4ylor deserve another chance at the grand prize. The duo unfortunately ended their time on the series on a sad note, when the rapper forgot his lyrics.

23. Gatis Kandis

Since a comedian has never won America’s Got Talent, we hope to see one of the most memorable Britain’s Got Talent acts. Even though Gatis Kandis auditioned for the series in 2012, he’s continued pursuing comedy on YouTube.

24. Roberta Battaglia

Roberta Battaglia shocked the America’s Got Talent judges when she sang “Shallow” and sounded exactly like Lady Gaga. Since she was 15 at the time of her 2021 audition, we’d love to see her grace the stage once more.

25. Maxwell Thorpe

This opera singer was one of the most shocking acts on series 15 of Britain’s Got Talent. He became a fan favorite since his voice moved the audience in each performance.

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