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Tate McRae Fan Shoots His Shot, Asks Her on a Date at Concert

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During one of her concerts, Canadian singer and songwriter Tate McRae found herself in a shocking moment when a devoted fan from Portugal boldly asked her out on a date. The unexpected event unfolded in front of an audience, who eagerly watched to see how McRae would respond.

Tate McRae Got Asked Out on a Date During Her Concert

At a stop on Tate McRae‘s tour, a fan decided to shoot his shot with the singer. The fan, who had traveled all the way from Portugal to attend the concert, introduced himself to McRae with a unique challenge. He presented her with two questions, with the second question dependent on her correctly answering the first. McRae’s curiosity was piqued, and the playful banter commenced.

@tatemcrae_lovee i want to go on a date with her too💍❤️ @tate mcrae #tatemcrae #foryou #fypシ #iusedtothinkicouldfly #areweflyingtour ♬ sunet original – tatemcrae_lovee

Without hesitation, the fan asked McRae if she had a boyfriend. With a hint of amusement, McRae responded, revealing that she was, in fact, single. This garnered some chuckles from the audience.

“So, I think you’ve put me through enough hell just to meet you. So my second question is, do you want to go on a date tomorrow?” The fan said.

In response to the fan’s audacious proposition, McRae laughed and replied, “Well, if I wasn’t giving a show.”

Seizing the opportunity, the fan asked if he could share his Instagram or phone number with McRae. In a generous gesture, McRae agreed, saying, “Sure. I’ll search you on Instagram. What’s your Instagram?” The exchange of Instagram accounts took place amidst the laughter and delight of the audience.

Tate McRae Reveals The Meaning Behind her Song “Greedy”

Meanwhile, McRae’s recent single, “Greedy,” has been making waves in the music industry, enhancing her reputation as a talented and engaging artist. In an interview, McRae shared the inspiration behind the song.

“Greedy” was inspired by a chance encounter during a night out. McRae recounted a conversation with a guy at a bar who remarked, “You’re so mysterious, and I feel like I know nothing about you.” This encounter led McRae to reflect on her cautious approach to opening up to others, explaining that it takes a lot for her to truly get to know someone.


The result was a sassy and confident song about the challenge of breaking through McRae’s barriers. It evolved into a female empowerment anthem, celebrating independence and the power to set one’s boundaries.

In the music video for “Greedy,” released in September, McRae channels the spirit of hockey, sparking speculation among fans about possible references to her ex, Cole Sillinger, a hockey player. This additional layer of intrigue has deepened the connection fans have with the song and its visual interpretation.

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