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‘Songland’ Luis Fonsi Recap: This New Latin Song Will Make Your Hips Sway


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It was an exciting second episode of Songland tonight with Latin superstar Luis Fonsi. Luis came to Songland looking for another song that would bring him success like “Despacito.” He loves the songwriting process and is looking for the perfect melody or track whether it’s in English or Spanish. Keep reading to find out which amazing song Luis chose.



Dyson has been writing songs since she was 8 years old. It has helped her get through a lot of hard times in her life. She sang the song “Conditions” about a relationship she was in a couple of years ago. It is about no matter how hard you love, sometimes it’s not enough. The groove is very Latin and she could see Luis singing it. She works in music full time and has been pursuing it for 10 years. She came to Los Angeles because she said everyone in London said she was “too pop.” The song has a very heavy track in the background and intense harmonies.

Shane McAnally says he loves the song. Luis says the song is great but for a man, it might sound a little aggressive singing about “conditions.” The producers think changing the word conditions would be smart. Luis thinks the song is missing a vibe. He suggests that an artist needs to be featured in it like a Latin or Reggaeton star. This prompted Ester Dean to sing a reggaeton style solo in the song. We think Ester would be the perfect artist to feature during this song! She moves on to work with Shane in the studio.



PipoBeats is a Chilean artist currently living in California. He wrote the song “Sway” because he wanted a powerful Spanish song that packs a punch. His goal in life is to work with Luis so he is very excited to perform in front of him on Songland. Luis likes the Chilean influences but Ryan Tedder feels like the guitar and the chorus are conflicting. The producers feel like a new chorus can really elevate the song as well as some changes in the guitar. He moves on to work with Ryan in the studio.



Lauren Martinez

Lauren Martinez is classically trained and began playing instruments at the age of three. Her song “I Don’t Wanna Know” is about being in a place in your relationship that doesn’t really work but you’re scared to end it. She always wanted to crossover from pop to writing Latin music. She is excited to write for Luis Fonsi. The producers really like the melody of the song but they feel like the song could use more of a storyline. Luis suggested adding a more intense drum beat to the song. With this drum added to the song it definitely sounds like a more of a song that Luis would sing. She moves on to work with Ester in the studio.



After years of putting her dreams of songwriting on hold, CORii is finally ready to step into the spotlight on Songland. Her song is called “What If?” It’s about a romantic relationship that ends abruptly and you start thinking about all of the “what ifs?” She really wants Luis to fall in love with the melody and the story and she thinks he will nail the song. The producers feel like the range of notes in the song is too complicated. Ryan likes the range but feels like the song should be more acoustic with Latin elements. For Luis Fonsi, the song needs to be bumped down to a lower range. Unfortunately, she did not make it through to the next round to work with a producer.


Dyson (With Shane McAnally)

Shane wants to integrate Spanish into the song. He suggests that the song should be more about getting lost in translation. He decides the song should be about two people who don’t understand each other. Shane took the song to the next level by changing the lyrics. This song is also turned into a duet. The title is changed to “Lost In Translation.” Lauren was joined by an artist from the Mackelmore episode, Iro. Luis loves the new chorus and likes the new change of lyrics.


PipoBeats (With Ryan Tedder)

Ryan FaceTimes with Luis and he suggests finding a new melody for the song. Ryan decides to record a new guitar riff for the song. They feel like the word “sway” should not be repeated so much in the song. Luis loves the new hook of the song. This song is probably the one that went through the least amount of changes. Nonetheless, it still sounds like a hit. There could not be a better song that screams Luis fonsi.


Lauren Martinez (With Ester Dean)

Ester wants to delete some of the lyrics from the song. It has strong melodies but some of the lyrics get redundant. They plan to strip back the melodies. Ester rewrites the song so there are fewer lyrics and repetitiveness. Ester gives some of the original lines an extra punch. Lauren performs the song as a duet. Honestly, most of the song is performed by her duet partner, but it’s about the songwriting. The songwriting is definitely amazing and has a nice edgy flare. Luis loves the fact that some of the lyrics are more simple and toned down. This is exactly what Songland is about.


And The Winning Song Is….

No surprise here, “Sway” by Ryan and PipoBeats is chosen by Luis Fonsi. This song sounded the most like something that Luis would sing. Between the beat and the lyrics, Luis could be looking at his next number one hit. He really likes Ryan’s addition of a third line in the chorus. Luis performed this new version of “Sway” in front of a huge crowd and they absolutely loved it and were dancing along.



Tune in next week to see H.E.R. find her next big R&B ballad.

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