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Sofia Vergara Surprises Fans as She Reveals She’s a Natural Blonde

Sofia Vergara on the 'America's Got Talent' red carpetTrae Patton/NBCUniversal

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Sofia Vergara recently surprised fans by disclosing she’s naturally a blonde, not a brunette as widely believed. The bombshell shared she dyed her hair dark when starting out in Hollywood to match expectations. Now as a global ambassador for hair care brand Schwarzkopf, Vergara opens up about her hair journey.

Misconceptions About Latinas’ Looks Impacted Sofia Vergara’s Early Career

In a new interview, the Modern Family star revealed that when she first moved from Colombia to pursue acting in her early 30s, she quickly learned her natural blonde locks didn’t align with Hollywood’s rigid views.

“The way that I looked was not the way that Hollywood really saw Latina women. They were expecting a more dark-haired woman,” Vergara said.

The mismatch created confusion, with her blonde hair causing disbelief that she was truly Latina. To increase her chances of getting cast, Vergara made the drastic decision to dye her hair dark brown. She acknowledged it was a tough call but deemed it a risk worth taking to launch her career.

Remarkably, going brunette did lead to a big break for the undiscovered actress. She credits becoming a brunette as the key that unlocked a major opportunity after initial prejudice over her appearance. By adapting to outdated expectations, Vergara proved her talent and won her breakthrough role.

“It changed my life because I got hired to do Modern Family, which I did for 11 years,” Vergara said.

According to Vergara, both constant styling and maintenance took a toll and damaged her hair over the years. However, rediscovering her roots let her reclaim a part of her identity she’d suppressed to succeed in Hollywood.

Through Schwarzkopf Partnership, She Urges Owning Your Beauty Story

As a celebrity who felt compelled to alter her look to be taken seriously, Vergara sympathizes with the pressures women face regarding appearances. That’s why she agreed to share her hair experiences as the face of Schwarzkopf’s “What’s Your Story?” campaign.

By opening up about her hair journey, Vergara hopes to empower others to confidently embrace their natural beauty on their own terms. After being forced to compromise early on, she then wants to inspire self-acceptance and fearless individuality.

At 50, Vergara has come full circle to proudly reclaim her blonde strands. Her hard-won stardom grants her the freedom to authentically be herself at last. By speaking her truth, Vergara encourages women to author their own beauty stories without concession.

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