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Ed Sheeran’s Wife, Cherry Seaborn Makes New Business Career Move Amid ‘Marriage Issues’

Ed Sheeran and wife Cherry Seaborn at The BRIT AwardsPhoto by JMEnternational/Getty Images

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Ed Sheeran’s wife, Cherry Seaborn, has made a surprise career move by launching her own retail business, while Sheeran’s latest album hints at turbulence within their marriage. Seaborn’s entrepreneurial leap comes as Sheeran expresses raw emotions about relationship struggles in his new lyrics.

Cherry Seaborn Launches Retail Venture Babes In Armour

Sheeran’s wife has emerged from the pop star’s shadow to launch her own business venture, Babes In Armour. Documents filed with Companies House reveal Seaborn has registered the retail brand, which could encompass selling a wide range of products.

Sources close to Seaborn say the initial plans for Babes In Armour include offering items like toiletries, lingerie, maternity wear, and more. This suggests Seaborn aims to create a multifaceted brand that appeals to various demographics.

Seaborn reportedly came up with the idea for Babes In Armour with her friend and costume designer, Jemima Penny. Launching the business represents Seaborn pursuing her own passions and career goals outside of her famous husband’s arena.

Insiders believe Babes In Armour is likely to be a success, with Sheeran’s considerable wealth available to fund the new venture. Moreover, Sheeran’s legions of supportive fans will probably rally behind his wife’s solo pursuit.

Seaborn and Sheeran have always kept their relationship very private, shunning the spotlight since meeting as children and reconnecting in 2015. After marrying in secret in 2019, the couple now lives with their two daughters on a rural Suffolk estate.

Sheeran’s New Album Hints at Marriage Troubles

While his wife branches out on her own, Sheeran’s latest album, Autumn Variations, contains lyrics that hint at possible struggles in their marriage. Songs seem to reference destructive behavior, growing apart, and breaking up months ago.

In “Punchline,” Sheeran sings about not being able to stop being destructive and feeling a silence after not seeing his partner’s outline for weeks. Other tracks explore feelings of hopelessness, heartbreak, and reflections on the end of a relationship.

While the songs don’t directly confirm marital strife, the emotionally raw lyrics have sparked discussion among fans who read them as insights into Sheeran’s private life. For a singer known for drawing inspiration from personal experiences, the album also adds intrigue to public perceptions of his marriage.

As Seaborn starts an exciting new chapter with Babes In Armour and Sheeran expresses raw emotions through his music, the couple seems to be navigating challenges in their marriage by exploring individual pursuits. Despite hints of turbulence, Seaborn’s entrepreneurial leap and Sheeran’s confessional lyrics suggest the two are finding outlets while continuing their relationship in the public eye.

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