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Sofia Vergara Gets Revenge on Simon Cowell After Terrifying ‘AGT’ Arrow Prank

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America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Live will be opening at The Luxor Hotel in November featuring some huge stars. The judges had a sculptor come in and sculpt a bust of each of them. This was all actually an elaborate plan for Sofia Vergara to get her revenge on Simon Cowell.

Cowell enlisted Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Walker to come prank Vergara during the auditions. Vergara was instructed to put on a blindfold and tried to hit a balloon above Cowell’s head using a crossbow. It was orchestrated so that Cowell would pretend to get hit by the arrow. Vergara freaked out and was totally going nuts. When she found out it was a prank, she vowed to get revenge on Cowell.

Sofia Vergara Gets Hilarious ‘AGT’ Revenge Against Simon Cowell

Vergara wanted all of the other AGT judges and Terry Crews to be in on her prank. Everyone else’s busts were going to look good and Cowell’s was going to look bad. Vergara advised the artist to make Cowell’s statue have huge hair and undereye bags. She hired an actress to pretend that she was the director of the event. They had a whole big spectacle to unveil the busts and a ribbon-cutting.

When Cowell saw the bust for the first time, he cupped his hand over his mouth. He was in disbelief because it looked nothing like him. All of the other judges completely ignored the fact that Cowell’s bust looked awful. They were so happy with their own busts. They stood for pictures and Cowell was visibly unhappy.

Cowell called the bust “the worst thing” that he has ever seen. He later called it the “ugliest thing.” Cowell finally decided to voice his concerns to the fake director of the event. Everyone in the crowd acted shocked.

“I would happily pay whatever your name is to re-do this because this is not going in the hallway at the Luxor,” he said.

Vergara gave a fake speech at the event to talk about how much fun she has been having on AGT. Finally, she came clean and told him that’s what he gets for “messing with a Colombian.”

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