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Snoop Dogg Smokes 150 Marijuana Joints Daily, Says His Blunt Roller

Snoop Dogg at the 2022 VMASPhoto by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for MTV/Paramount Global

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Snoop Dogg can casually admit that cannabis is infused in his system, and we know that for a fact. Since he is frequently smoking marijuana, the American rapper hired a personal blunt roller. The employee recently revealed how much Snoop Dogg actually smokes in a day.

Snoop Dogg’s Blunt Roller Says She Rolls Half Pound Joints Per Day

Since 2016, Snoop Dogg has employed a joint roller for his smoking convenience. The rapper frequently smokes marijuana recreationally on the daily. For those who may not know, the “Gin and Juice” resides in California, where marijuana is legal.

Recently, his professional joint roller Renegade Piranha revealed that she has rolled around 450,000 blunts for the rapper. Uniquely, Piranha works full-time, making it her official job.

“I do about half a pound a day, which is 75 to 150 joints,” she told radio show Kyle and Jackie O.

Fairly, Piranha got herself a pretty solid job. Snoop Dogg recently revealed that he raised his blunt roller’s salary from approximately $40,000 to $50,000 a year.

The Voice Mega Mentor’s marijuana-related activities extend even in commerce, launching Leafs by Snoop in 2015. Additionally, he partnered with TSUMoSnacks to create cannabis-infused chips this year. Snoop Dogg’s love of cannabis is even poked fun in he and Martha Stewart’s newly released commercial for BIC EZ Reach Lighters.

He Faces Criticism for Smoking Too Much

As much as the public is accepting of Snoop Dogg’s marijuana dependency, negative feedback is practically inevitable. As soon as news broke about his daily intake, fans have urged him to smoke weed in moderation.

“That’s more than recreational use. He wouldn’t be able to function,” a person wrote.

One user called the rapper’s lung a “mess.” Meanwhile, another stated that smoking marijuana joints excessively is not something to boast about.

“Paying someone $50,000 per year to roll joints for you is foolish,” another person posted on Twitter.

Despite the blunt roller’s claims, some believed that it’s impossible for Snoop Dogg to smoke that amount daily. Snoop Dogg has not publicly spoken out about the topic at this time.

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