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Sklar Brothers, Preacher Lawson Join Howie Mandel’s Comedian Festival

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Howie Mandel has recently featured a number of talented funnymen in his podcast for a special hologram episode. Sklar Brothers and Preacher Lawson are among the guests that crashed into the program, giving their insights about random matters in life.

Sklar Brothers Announce Reboot of Their Past Television Show

Sitting down for an extraordinary episode of Howie Mandel Does Stuff, Randy Sklar and Jason Sklar took the time to talk about “dumb” stories in their podcast. They also discussed the troublesome yet rewarding experiences of having daughters.

In the same episode, the identical twins announced that they are doing a reboot of Cheap Seats.  For those who may not know, Cheap Seats is a television program on ESPN Classic which was then hosted by the Sklar Brothers. Together, they throw banters as they watch old, campy sports broadcasts.

“We’ve been asked to reboot that show for years and years. Finally, we have an opportunity to do it with the UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship,” Jason said.

Apparently, Cheap Seats is not the name of the series anymore. Rather, their present version is called The Nosebleeds. According to the two, the episodes consist of the “very early days of UFC” along with a lot of jokes and their running commentary.

The first episode of the series will be available on YouTube for free. Meanwhile, the rest of the five episodes will stream live on UFC Fight Pass.

Preacher Lawson Hilariously Says He Loves Being Lonely

America’s Got Talent alum Preacher Lawson also was a guest in the special episode. During the same, he candidly shared details about being an amateur MMA fighter out of Los Angeles, California. According to him, he still aspires to fight Joe Rogan.

“Yes, I would fight Joe Rogan. Why would I not fight Joe Rogan? Even if he knocks me out I’m [going to] fall on a pile of money,” he jokingly said.

Mandel subsequently asked Lawson if he’s currently dating, to which the comedian candidly answered with a no.

“Usually I’ll be like there’s one girl, but I don’t got nothing man,” he said. “But I’m okay with it. I love being lonely.”

The comedian also stated that he has no prospects as of the moment. But be that as it may, Lawson seems contented in the place where he is, saying that he’s been enjoying Montreal, Quebec, Canada so far.

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